Look Good Feel Better Dream Week Campaign

I don’t normally do two posts in the one day, but this is for a great cause and best of all, anyone can join in and have some fun with it. We all know how makeup can not only transform how you look, but in more ways than one, a way to boost your confidence. …

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Random Monday: If I Stay Film Review

Friday night saw the girls and I having an impromptu “girls night out”, all because Mr. C decided to take Master 8 to the footy. Initially, we were supposed to just have dinner after Miss 10′s netball game. When I got to the mall I had other ideas. The movies. I was itching to watch …

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Fashion Day & Friday’s Favourites

I missed out on our regular Fashion Day yesterday but thought I should amalgamate both Fashion Day and Friday’s Favourites together, seeing as my favourites this week are pieces I’m loving from my wardrobe. Last a Friday was my first day of my second round of teaching placement. I’ve covered what I planned to wear …

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Health & Lifestyle: Fitness Communities

Sometimes you need a little push to get started or even on days where you feel so unmotivated even to move, let alone exercise. This is where the idea of ‘fitness communities’ come in. So what is a fitness community? Fitness Communities It’s basically a group of people who have the same goals – achieving …

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My Top 3 Pore Refiners

benefit the porefessional

Last week I shared with you the 3 cleansing oils I’ve tried, tested and loved – all at different price points. This week it’s My Top 3 Pore Refiners. First, for those of you who aren’t too sure what a pore refiner is well, yes it is a product that refines the look of your …

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Monday Eats: Hammer And Tong 412

Sometimes it pays to follow PR agencies to find out who their clients are, especially when it comes to food. That was how I came across Hammer and Tong 412. I can’t recall which PR agency was promoting the launch of Hammer and Tong 412, but I knew that the name stayed stuck in my head …

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Friday’s Favourites: Beauty, Fashion & Music

It’s time for Friday’s Favourites again. If you missed last week’s Love, Like and Loathe, feel free to click here to find out what made the list. Meanwhile, this week, I’m sharing my list of favourites covering beauty, fashion and music.   BEAUTY **Nuxe Reve de Miel Baume Levres Lip Balm (rrp$19.99) I know I’ve …

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Fashion Day: What To Wear On My 2nd Teaching Rounds

While I would love for the title to say, “What I’m wearing” instead of “What to wear”, I’m afraid, this pre-service teacher is still sitting at home waiting for the placement office at her Uni to find a placement for her. So, what better way than to actually PLAN what I would wear WHEN they …

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Health & Lifestyle: How NOT To Dread Mondays

Hands up those of you who dread Mondays, or feel like they need to be dragged out of bed come Monday? Do I see a few hands up there? Yes you can see mine to…on that odd occasion. So is it more a psychological thing to feel the dread and wish that the weekend was …

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Cleansing Oils: Splurge, Mid Range & Save

I first started using cleansing oils when I received a HUGE bottle in a goody bag at Zoe Foster’s Amazing Face book launch in 2011. The best part was that it was the holy grail of cleansing oils – Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil . Needless to say, I started loving how easily and quickly the …

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Random Monday: Why I Write

Continuing with the “nomination” theme, I’ve been nominated by the lovely Mandy from Make Me Up Mandy to share “Why I Write”.  She emailed to ask if I’d join in and hey, how can I say no to sharing with you a little bit more about myself right? This time round it’s sharing why I …

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Love, Like & Loathe: Sam Smith, Enbacci & Sharing Links

Hello! I haven’t done this for a few weeks now, but I’m back! This week’s Love, Like & Loathe features Sam Smith’s latest song, something from Enbacci skincare that I “love-like” and finally what I loathe is all about “thinking before acting” – I think something a lot of us nowadays seem to NOT do …

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Health & Lifestyle: Let’s Press Pause

  How true is this quote? Remember a time when you were carefree, free of most responsibilities and all you had to do was just to…BE? Remember how you used to be able to sit down, enjoy some music, not rushing anywhere and you had all the time in the world to do anything and …

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What To Do When Products Don’t Gel With Your Skin

You know how sometimes a new product comes out on the market and you’ve heard the results, you’ve read all about it, you want to check out what the hype is all about. Heck, let’s face it, more like you WANT the hype to be more than just a hype. But then you try it …

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