Random Monday: Tweens & Teens Birthday Party Ideas

I’ve officially got a teen in the house now, will this change anything that has already changed before she turned 13?  Doubt it.  Possibly more nagging from me to have her eat her breakfast, do her chores and to please turn her music down.  Ah…the usual stuff really.  I have a feeling that’s karma biting …

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Saturday Shopping: Batucada Like Tattoo On My Skin

Tattoos can be lovely works of art, especially when the right artist (yes I call them artists because they are!) inks the design on your skin beautifully.  I’ve seen some amazingly beautiful ones, and I’ve seen some duds.  While I would love nothing more than to have at least one on my skin, the reality …

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Health & Lifestyle: Keeping Your Moods & Health In Check

It’s hard to imagine that in a week’s time, the kids will be back at school to start a new school year.  I mean, we’re more than halfway through January 2015 – ALREADY!  The holidays have actually been a Godsend to me, allowing me to re-coup and re-start my fitness regime.  While I’ve been sort …

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Best Eyeliner for Winged Eye Look

The winged eye look is one of the most classic looks that you can sport on your face.  And really, if you’ve got the technique right, all you really need is a bright red lipstick and you’re ready to roll.  Very classic chic!  The problem in most cases is getting the winged look right!  I …

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Monday Eats: Simple Butter Chicken with Passage Foods

I usually opt for something easy for Sunday dinners.  This can range from a simple roast – I mean, how hard is it to quickly marinate the meat and plonk it in the oven right?  Or one-pot-wonders, where I can just chuck everything in, add some seasoning or sauce, do a little stirring and off …

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Friday’s Favourites: Things That Made Me Emotional This Week

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have a bad week and I’m blaming PMS for my current ability to feel emotional over every little thing.  Not anger, more the ability for me to feel sadness so easily and the book that made me cry an absolutely UGLY cry.  Although maybe that was what I really …

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Fashion Day: Dressing Up Bohemian Traders Ahoy Dress

After waiting and stalking and pining for this **striped sleeveless dress from Bohemian Traders since they were first released, I finally have them in my hot little hands!  They arrived only three days after I ordered them AND their **striped skirt.  Both were on sale, so I thought, why not?  I’ve waited this long already! In …

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Health & Lifestyle: Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas

Food glorious food!!  Well, it is when you do have time to make it and eat something that is gloriously tasty, as well as quick and easy to make too.  I’ve said over and over again that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and yet, I know there are a …

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Budget Beauty Find: Face Of Australia Lumi-Tint Illuminating Sticks

On this week’s beauty post, I’m sharing with you a product that is not only what I consider on the budget end of the spectrum, but a multi-use product that I know you would love too! I’ve shared my love for a multi-use product, so when I was sent the new Lumi-Tint from Face of …

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Random Monday – Back-To-School Tips

*This post is brought to you by Officeworks There’s about two weeks before the new school year starts and while I have been enjoying some “down time” (it really isn’t much of a downtime when you’re at home with them is it?), with the kids, I can’t say I’m not looking forward to having some …

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Saturday Shopping: Members Only Online Shopping Sites

For the very first (and sporadic) Saturday Shopping post, I’d like to share with you my experience with some, well two actually, “member only online shopping sites”. What are they, you might ask? Well, I’m not really sure what the exact term is but that’s what I call these sort of online shopping sites. Members …

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Friday’s Favourites: Serial Podcast, Embracing Awkwardness & Stripes

Oh my, sometimes I sort of forget what day it is, no thanks to the holidays (or maybe thanks?). The days seem to just drift by really. I’m not complaining, because I do get a lot done during the school holidays – the house gets cleaned, laundry gets done, and best of all, I get …

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Health & Lifestyle: Best Fitness Apps To Try

Hello 2015 and I’m happy to report that so far I’ve been good when it comes to getting back into my exercise routine. Or in my case, getting some form of exercise into my everyday routine each day. I’ve set a goal, an easy one – to do a form of exercise each day, everyday. …

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Beauty Products I Use For My Everyday Look

I’m a simple girl who while she loves to dress up and play around with makeup, usually only wears the bare minimum for her everyday look. More often than not, I only ever use around 6 to 7 products and honestly, I don’t usually re-apply my lip product, except maybe if I’m wearing lip balm. Yes, …

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