Styling Services

Need to update your wardrobe? Not sure what suits your bodyshape, just need a re-vamp? I’ve got a few styling packages to help you on your way and beyond!

– Wardrobe Re-vamp

This is where I come in and actually be your very best friend. Why? Because best friends tell each other the truth. I’ll go through your wardrobe and help you sort out what you should keep, what you can re-vamp and what you should just throw out. And yes, I am brutal. It’s for your own good.

Minimum of 2 hours per session

– Personal Styling

Not sure what suits you? What are your assets? What exactly works for your bodyshape and personality? Here’s where I help you work your style and all hand-in-hand with who YOU are. No need to change what you are comfortable with, it’s just a matter of tweaking a little here and there to get you looking and feeling confident, great and stylish. Here’s where I also include a make-up and beauty session, in other words, it’s the whole package to working out what makes you look and feel great each day, every day.

Minimum of 2 hours per session

– Personal Shopping

It’s every girl’s dream to have a buddy to help them shop. Just for THEM! I am THAT buddy. I’ll show you how to shop SMART – meaning teaching you what you should save on and what you can splurge on. It’s not just about following trends but it’s more about knowing your personality and shopping for what suits YOU!

Minimum of 2 hours per session

– Back to Work Wardrobe & Image Overhaul

Just gotten that new job? Not sure what suits the company’s regulations? Or you’ve just been out of the workforce for so long that you’re unsure of what is work appropriate? I can help you tailor your work wardrobe with the ultimate basics that will transcend through any trends and last the distance. This is also where I will help you with your makeup routine, in other words, a whole image overhaul!

Minimum of 2 hours per session

– Accessories Styling

You’ve got too many accessories or maybe not enough? Do you know that accessories can make or break an outfit? Do you know that simply by changing your accessories you can easily take your look from day to night or from casual to formal? This is where I come in. Having had my own fashion accessories business and freelancing for one previously, I can help you manage what you have and what to include in your collection. No more wasting money and time on unnecessary accessories that won’t work for you. Remember…it’s all in the details 😉

– Group Styling

Got a group of friends that you know would need an image overhaul just like you? Why not gather up a few of your closest friends and sign up for a group package which includes one of the above mentioned styling options? I call this “sharing the love”.

Special Packages

Want to reap in the benefit of a wardrobe re-vamp, personal styling and personal shopping? Save by booking in a package that includes all three! I’ll even throw in a free session of accessories styling to give you that complete make-over.


Contact me for my styling rates as I tailor each service to your individual needs. For an idea of my charges, sessions start from $160.