Have you had any experience at all in fashion?

Yes, I’ve worked a number of years in fashion retail – menwear as well as casual mens & ladieswear. We were trained on styling, cut, and quality. I have also studied fashion design – at least the fundamentals like draping, drafting, sewing, figure drawing and fabric designing.

Where do you get your inspiration for your styling?

Fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and most importantly people that I see everywhere! I think it’s us regular people that make fashion happen.

Say I’ve got a question on styling, beauty or even something fairly general. Can you help me out with that?

I can definitely try. We now have a Q & A section, where you can submit your question to me and I’ll try my best to research the best answer. Once I do I’ll publish the question and answer. Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to get other suggestions by the readers too!

Do you try the products before reviewing?

Definitely! And I believe in giving an honest and genuine response, not only to help my readers choose wisely and be well informed, but also to help the businesses improve on their products to get a better response from their potential customers. While I do receive free products to trial, I do not get paid to review. If I think the product will not suit my circumstance or life but I know would help my readers in some way, I will then find someone who will suit the product to trial and give an honest review.

What about diet/weight loss products and services? Do you review those too?

Unfortunately no. I do not advocate dieting or products surrounding weight loss, as I believe in being healthy the traditional way, that is – to incorporate exercise and healthy and common sense eating into your daily regime.