Beauty & Skincare Products That Saved My Face in 2017

Beauty & Skincare Products That Saved My Face in 2017

Instead of listing my favourite products of 2017, I thought I’d do something a little different. Last year was a blur as I rushed every morning to get ready for work. Waking up at 5:30am each day and trying to look even slightly decent can be a chore, but it’s the reliance on these products that helped to make me look less scary to face the teenagers I teach, each day. Well, at least I hoped it did! So, I present to you, the list of beauty and skincare products that saved my face in 2017.


Wearing little to no make-up each day meant I had to have a very good base, which meant having a good skincare routine. Something that wouldn’t cause huge breakouts. They also needed to be easy to use, and accessible.

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Face Wash

I’ve used this cleanser ever since I was given this to try and haven’t looked back since. It’s packaging though has changed. What used to come in a pump bottle, now comes in a tube. At first I wasn’t that thrilled about it, but realised, the tube would mean less wastage and so, more bang for my buck! I’m talking about Frank Body’s Creamy Face Cleanser ($21.95). The ingredients include charcoal, coffee extract, marshmallow root and some pretty good oils. It is gentle on my skin, keeps breakouts at bay and does not leave my skin feeling tight after rinsing it off. This is something I use during both my morning and night-time skincare routine. Thankfully, Frank Body is also available at Mecca so it does make it a lot easier for me to purchase when I run out, instead of having to pay for postage.

Face Scrub

Another regular brand I’ve been using is the one from Dermalogica. It is none other than the *Daily Microfoliant($80.00). Made out of rice-based enzyme powder, it is not only gentle on my skin but also not bad for the environment either. No harmful plastic beads going into the ocean I say! While it is on the more expensive side, one bottle lasts me about 6 months. I only exfoliate once every three days… That’s if I do remember to exfoliate. If not then about once a week. I have combination/oily skin, so it would be better if I didn’t exfoliate too often, each week.

Eye Cream

I started using this brand last year, as recommended by a dear friend of mine. It all came about when I asked her to recommend me a serum to use. She loved the ones by Olay under their Regenerist range, even though it’s not a high-end brand. I gave it a go and thought, why not try out their eye cream too! Turns out, it was just as good.

The *Olay Regenerist Revitalising Eye Serum ($34.99) feels light on my skin and really, you don’t need too much to target your problem areas – in this case, it’s the under eye area of course. Honestly, I don’t know if it does lessen my dark eye circles, but it has become such a routine for me to apply that I do it daily and nightly.

Pimple Preventer

I call this product my “pimple preventer”, why? Well, because it prevents pimples! Duh! The *La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ ($29.99) helps to minimise any chances of breakouts and I apply this after I’ve cleansed my skin and applied my eye cream. Only a little is needed and this is applied on areas where breakouts are usually prone to happen. In my case, it’s the areas between my eyebrows, forehead and chin. Even my two girls have come on board and started using this. This is applied daily, in the morning and at night.

Rosehip Oil

I am not usually one who would constantly use a facial oil. That was until I realised how dehydrated my skin was, even when it wasn’t during winter time. I knew I had to rectify that situation STAT, so I started using the trusty rosehip oil. In this case, it’s the one from Sukin. While there are just so many different brands out there, *Sukin’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil ($19.99) isn’t too pricey and only about two drops are needed for my face. Another plus point is the fact that it absorbs so quickly onto my skin instead of making it feel oily and yucky. I apply this only during the day, before applying my serum and moisturiser.

Facial Serum

If you’re wondering why I’ve got so many products on just one face, well hello… I am over 40, so I need to make sure that I take very good care of this aging skin. I want to grow old gracefully, which means, yes to fine lines but not too quickly if I may. This was the serum that was recommended by my dear friend Tine of Closet Planner Addict. The *Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum ($52.99) feels so light and absorbs so quickly into my skin. I have no idea if it makes my skin better but it certainly hasn’t made it any worse. It claims to restore hydration and improve the skin’s texture and I guess, it has made my skin a lot less hydrated even before I started using the rosehip oil on my face.


Finally, we have the moisturisers – day and night. Once again, I’ve been using the range from Olay Regenerist, namely their *Micro Sculpting UV Cream ($48.99) during the day and their *night cream ($48.99) at night. The day cream has SPF30 and has a thicker consistency compared to the night cream. The good thing is that it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel. The night cream is so light and feels like the serum – AMAZING!

My tip if you’re keen on trying the Olay Regenerist range is to purchase the Miracle Duo pack, which has both the day and night creams. Even better still, make sure you purchase when Priceline or Chemist Warehouse have their specials on. That’s when I normally stock up on my necessary essentials!


Now onto the beauty products I use without fail, each day, every day.

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I would usually wear BB Cream for my base. If it’s going to be a long, warm day, I would use the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt’r Instant Primer ($32). Most of the time I would just skip the primer altogether.

There are two BB Creams that I use on regular rotation and they are the *Bioderma Sensibio Ar BB Cream ($43.99) and the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream ($57.00). Bioderma is great for when I have a little redness or when I want something in a slightly lighter tone. The Smashbox has been an all time favourite and sometimes I prefer wearing this to foundation. The cover for both is alright I suppose. Not heavy cover but good enough so that it looks natural while evening out my skin tone.

Highlight & Bronzer

For some mild highlight, I absolutely LOVE the Hour Glass Ambient Lighting Powder in Moodlight ($67.00). It has a lovely lavender pink shade but so sheer you can hardly detect the colour on your skin. The Dim Light is a darker, slightly more neutral beige shade to it, so I’ve been using that as my bronzer. All very subtle but does the job nonetheless.


I don’t usually leave home without doing my brows. For this, my ultimate go-to would have to be *Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil ($42.00). It is basically goof proof! Quick and easy for me to pencil in my eyebrows.


Since I can’t really wear makeup to work, I would wear some minimal eye makeup just to enhance my eyes. For this, I usually apply a neutral coloured eyeshadow – so neutral you can hardly see it. This is so that my eyeliner would not “move” once I’ve applied it. I would then apply Urban Decay’s Glide On Eye Pencil ($33.00) in Demolition, which is a deep rich dark matte brown shade, on the top eyeline. This would then be smudged with a smudging brush to soften the line. The neutral eyeshadow I used for my base colour would be applied again to further soften and blend in the colours.


Finally, lashes. Benefit has been my constant companion and my failsafe mascara, particularly their *Roller Lash Mascara ($42.00). For those with sparse, short lashes, this is the bomb! It has that curling wand type brush with bristles that sparse, which would help to pick up every little lash that you have. It also curls but I usually curl my lashes beforehand anyway. This just acts like a double whammy.


Instead of lipstick, I usually apply lip balm and any brand will do. I’m not fussy. Having said that, the Natralus Nourishing Paw Paw Lip Butter. My favourite has got to be their honey & vanilla flavoured lip butter.

There you have it! My list of beauty and skincare products that I have been surviving on for that more presentable face. Most of the products are rather pricey but they last a really long time. Skincare products usually last me just over 3 months and the beauty products even longer than that. With products that you can get from chemists and Priceline, I normally wait for their sales to stock up. So when you calculate cost per wear, they’re really quite alright I suppose.

What have you been using the most of 2017? Have you tried anything I’ve mentioned on my list?


*Those marked with * are affliate links, sales from which will earn me a small comission at no extra cost to you.



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