2017 So Far…

2017 So Far…

It’s on, it’s off, it’s on, it’s off. That’s the way this blog goes I suppose. Each time I reactivate it, somehow someone, seems to start Googling me – again! It can be rather frustrating, but what can I do except to play this yo-yo game of hide and seek with this blog. Well, not that it would matter much really, considering, I doubt anyone is actually reading what I post when it is ON. That doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t write when I do have the chance to. It’s just in my blood to write, even if it is a bunch of nonsensical thoughts.

Work, Stress, Life Balance

I’m heading towards the tail-end of 2017 and it has been quite a ride so far. Teaching full-time, classes with a minimum of 20 and maximum of 25 can be a huge challenge. Especially when you’re a perfectionist who wants the best for all her students, no matter what.

Ideas, Strategies, iPads and Grades

ideas bank

My main goal this year was to raise the standards for each of the class I was teaching. With tonnes of ideas out there, it should be an easy task right? Well, yes it was, but that did not mean that it didn’t require extra work BEHIND the scenes. Using my love for technology AND the students addiction to their iPads, I decided to use that to my advantage. QR code quizzes to help them with their revisions in class and therefore, grades and a way that would get them off their arses during a double period each week. Boys sitting for a whole two periods? What were they thinking? The idea I came up with required them to move out of their seats, use their brains and thankfully increased their percentages too! Huge pat on the back for me I say! Oh and the students too, of course. 😉

Working it out


Another thing on the “good news” front is the fact that I’ve now gone back to having personal training sessions. Not once but TWICE a week! This blob needed a kick in her arse for being sedentary and lazy when it came to her physical fitness, that I thought, “Hey, no point earning this money and spending on unnecessary things when it could be used to help with my health!”  So I did just that. Back with my first trainer who knows how much I hate exercising and is able to produce results whilst making each 1/2 hour session seem quick. Bonus! Maybe this will convince me to start running again hey?


adidas laser cut stan smith

Needs or wants? I think working has also made me seem rather blase when it comes to spending the money I earn. Somehow I always feel like I need to constantly reward myself and can you blame me? Next on my list of ‘wants’ is this pair of sneakers from Adidas. This laser cut version of the iconic Stan Smith’s caught my eye when I was window shopping at Chadstone a few weeks ago. Now, it’s on SALE!!! Hello! Yet, I’m in two minds about getting this. Well, either this or the Converse leather sneakers. Let’s call this #firstworldproblems #privilege #unnecessary What do you think? Am I turning into a materialistic monster because now I feel I can spend the money without guilt? Why is there this constant need to reward myself? Am I that sad and pathetic?  Maybe I am and maybe I don’t care that I am.


That’s it folks. How long will this stay up? Well, I guess it depends on if another nosey parker starts to Google my name again hey?



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