Current Obsessions

Current Obsessions

It has been a rather long while since I posted anything on this blog. That’s due to a few reasons but mainly, it’s all due to my workload, family commitments and not having any down time to write anything at all. Well, that and the fact that I had to put my blog under private – AGAIN.

So why am I blogging today? Call it boredom. No… More like procrastination. I AM procrastinating from having to correct the 20 English essays just waiting for me to have a read and critically analyse. I’ve just completed deleting over 10,000 messages that were on my email and accidentally deleted ALL of the messages instead. Smart move… NOT! Well, I guess they weren’t important anyway considering I haven’t blogged in ages!


I thought I should start off with some minor updates. Currently at the tail end of Term 3, which means, the two weeks term break is just on the horizon. This also means that I will be having “Parent-Teacher” interviews this term too. Something I both loathe and yet look forward to. Yes, weird I know, but that’s the life of a teacher I guess. I can’t wait to share some great news on some of my students, yet I am definitely not looking forward to the part where I have to answer to parents whose children haven’t been doing too well.

My health, unfortunately, hasn’t been too good. While I am generally healthy, I haven’t been able to do much exercise. Actually, scratch that. I haven’t been BOTHERED to do any exercise, not that I can’t, I just won’t. No thanks to that, it has seen my stress levels go up high and mucked up my reproductive system. So under strict instructions from my doctor, I am told to “take walks to relieve your stress”.  That I did! To the nearest shopping mall.


Working full time does not mean that I cannot indulge in a little retail therapy. In fact, I think it has sort of enabled me to indulge in A LOT of retail therapy. To celebrate my 1 year work anniversary, I treated myself to a little present. That being the little in the sense of size but not so little in the sense of price. Whoops!

Burberry Signature Tri-tone bag

I have always wanted to reward my hard work with a designer bag, tossing up between Louis Vuitton, Loewe and Burberry. In the end, Burberry won, which saw me dropping a few $ on this gorgeous Tri-tone leather handbag. For my birthday in July, I got Mr. C to buy me the Tarte Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay palette and the BECCA X Chrissy Teigan Glow Face palette. I decided to get myself the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette as a birthday gift for myself too. Yes, I was utterly obsessed with the reddish tones in both the eyeshadow palettes! Honestly though, I’ve only had a chance to try out the modern renaissance palette, which has such pigmented colours that only a little will definitely go a very long way!

The reddish tones were rather tricky to work with for someone like me. In other words, someone who isn’t an expert with applying make-up. You could end up looking like you’ve got pink eye or like a Chinese opera performer if not blended through properly. Thankfully I didn’t end up looking anything like either of those I’ve mentioned.

I’ve also recently purchased Urban Decay’s Naked Heat palette – like I said, doctor’s orders 😉 . The colours are just AMAZING! Have yet to try them on but stay tuned!

Which brings me to my last, latest purchase, another bag. Yes, I am being a tad bit extravagant but, Coach was having 20% off everything and I NEEDED a smallish bag for work. I almost purchased the rogue bags, but thought it was too close to the Burberry I already had. Instead, I opted for the saddle bag with the link strap in melon. It’s simple, understated and yet elegant and functional. Mr. C thought it was a waste of money. I told him, it made me happy.

coach pastel bag

Whilst I know I’ve been rather extravagant with my spending, I have to admit that I haven’t been spending much other than those I’ve mentioned. I see it as little rewards for the tiring but somewhat satisfying work that I have the chance to do. Will I be splurging much after these few purchases? I don’t think I will. I do have my limits and other responsibilities.

So, enough about my splurges on these material obsessions. What have you been shopping for recently? Would love to hear about it. Or even any updates you might have. And hurry! Before I put this blog on private mode again!




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