Looking Back, Moving Forward

Looking Back, Moving Forward

I’m almost at the tail end of my term break.  A much needed break from a rather short but hectic Term 1.  That’s not to say I haven’t been doing much work during my break.  The usual planning had to be done, and I just realised I haven’t yet completed one unit plan for one of my subjects!  Yikes!  Almost there, almost.

Being a full-time teacher and having to give my all (that’s NOT switching off your mind from work even after 3:30pm), makes one appreciate their down time a lot more.  Weekends with the family, the school term break where I can stay in bed a little while longer and have breakfast with the kids, watching movies.  The simple things that really makes you appreciate life a lot more.

Old photographs


Last night we did something unexpected.  We decided to look through some old photos of the kids when they were babies.  It was Miss 13’s idea really because she wanted to know if I was the one who bought her this (hideous) dress that was one of her favourites.  The answer is… thankfully NO!  It was a hand-me-down piece that SHE chose out of the bag of other much better looking ones.  We looked at her baby photos and boy… We all decided (including Miss 13) that she indeed was a rather ugly baby!  I must have had my rose coloured glasses on when she was a baby because, which mum would think of her baby as ugly right?  Don’t worry, we were all laughing, checking all three of their baby photos.  Miss 15 was known as the mini baby – she was rather tiny – and Master 10, the cute but “picked up from the side of a rubbish bin” baby (it’s a little family joke we have).

We then looked at Mr. C’s and my wedding photos.  The kids were surprised at all the corny poses and us being all affectionate.  Miss 13 even exclaimed, “Wait, you two kissed?”  I mean, how do you think we got the three of you??  Through immaculate conception?

Fashion Flashback


Next came Mr. C’s and my photos as teenagers and boy did we crack up at those!  Although Miss 13 was wishing I still had some of my jeans and clothes from the late 90’s (soft flared jeans and crop tops anyone?).  Sorry hon, wished I had known that I would have daughters AND that 90’s fashion were going to make come back.  She even wanted her father’s 501s… All of which have been given away to charity of course!

Love Letters


The kids then raided my drawers and found a big box filled with letters and cards.  They managed to find one from me to their father and vice versa.  Thankfully they couldn’t find the letters we sent each other before I came over to Australia.  I think we both would’ve cringed in horror at the corniness of the letters!

It was a lovely night full of reminiscing, learning, looking back and laughing at and with each other.  Simple pleasures they say, and those definitely were simple pleasures.  Time spent, not captured by the lens but kept in memory forever.





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