I AM: Back, Reading, Binge Watching

I AM: Back, Reading, Binge Watching

Hey there lovely readers, guess what? I’m BACK!

I’m Back!

Well, sort of actually. After switching my blog to private mode, I decided to set it to public again.  Unless something bad happens.  You know, like having students Google you (which they did) and then being able to click through to your blog?  Yes, that’s why my blog was set to private for a little while.  Then I thought to myself, I actually do miss writing and it’s not as if I’m writing anything wrong on this blog.  Right?

Due to my full-time working position, this won’t be a blog where I regularly update though.  My work comes first.  This, is just a hobby.  Something I do love sharing what I love, like and also dislike.  While I can’t fully share my teaching experiences, I can share little bits and pieces that could and would affect YOU as a reader. 😉

I Am Reading

  • Runner by Robert Newton

Runner by Robert Newton

Teaching English means I have to read the required novels and thankfully this year, I get to read rather interesting ones!  The first novel in the required reading is ^Runner by Robert Newton.  While the ending wasn’t what I expected, it did give an amazing insight on what life was like in Melbourne, in the 1920s.  The story centres around Charlie Feehan, a 16 year old boy whose father died of the Spanish Influenza.  Left with his mum and baby brother Jack, Charlie had to grow up quickly, standing in as the man of the house.  His solution?  Working for Squizzy Taylor, one of the mob bosses in Melbourne during that time.  This was a good coming of age book, showing how one boy’s persistence helped him out of some rather sticky situations.  Newton describes life in the 19oos, after the First World War in vivid detail, helping us imagine what the streets were like and how things were run during that time.  If you have a pre-teen or teenager wanting to read something about the good ol’ days, then I’d recommend this book.  Beware that the language might be a little difficult to get a grip of as it’s not the regular “English” we use today.

  • Trash by Andy Mulligan

trash by andy mulligan

This second prescribed reading is my favourite of the two. Written by Andy Mulligan, ^Trash is a story about three boys; Raphael, Gardo and Rat who lived in a rubbish dumpsite.  Set somewhere possibly in the Philippines, it shares the adventurous journey of these three boys who stumbled upon something so valuable that could potentially send their life into a tailspin of mystery and danger.  The book exposes the poverty, corruption yet balances out the bad with the lovely friendship between the three boys. Set in five parts and told in differing points of view, the novel paints a picture of what life must be like for those who do live in a dumpsite.  This is a great book that opens your eyes to what goes on in the world outside of the safe cocoon of Australia.

I Am Binge Watching

While the school term break means having to do planning for the next term, it also means plenty of binge watching for me too!  Subscribing to both Netflix and Stan means that I have the ULTIMATE binge watching sessions.  So much so, we went beyond our limit where the WIFI is concerned.  Oops!

  • How to get away with murder

how to get away with murder


I was watching Season 1 nightly and got hooked on this amazingly intriguing series, which was why it wasn’t such a huge surprise to find me binge the second season in less than a week.  I love how cases are woven into the different situations the law students are in and each episode seem to open up a new can of worms for the five students.  Season 2 ended with literally a BANG, with Wes finally approaching who he suspects might be his dad.  I can’t say much more than that but, I can’t wait for Season 3 to be shown!

  • Flesh & Bone

flesh and bone

From the producer of Breaking Bad, Flesh & Bone is a series about a ballerina who wants to make it big in New York.  Well, it’s actually more complicated than that because she has a rather disturbing past.  A past that she cannot seem to escape from, no thanks to her brother.  Flesh and Bone gives us an idea of what life as a ballet dancer might be like – well, at least that’s the impression it gave me.  The bitchiness, the back-stabbing and what one would need to do in order to succeed are sad but rather intriguing.  If you love dark dramas coupled with elegant and mind blowing dancing, then this is a series that you have to add to your must-watch list.

That’s it for this week.  Have you read, or watched any of what’s mentioned?  What have you been up to? Would love to hear from you.


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