Hello 2017!

Hello 2017!

That was quick!  We’re now in the first week of 2017 and boy has it been an amazing last few days.  I have to admit that I have been enjoying my break so far.  I mean, seriously… What’s not to love when all I’ve been doing after Christmas has been to lounge around the house, watching shows on Netflix and Stan, catching up on LOTS of reading, swimming, doing my morning runs.  Bliss!  Which is why I’m sort of half-hearted to start the new school term – that’s in about 3 weeks time!!

Hello 2017

NYE Fireworks

We ushered in the new year by actually staying up past midnight to catch some awesome fireworks.  This year, we tried venturing somewhere slightly closer.  Lesser crowds, and no taking public transport to check out the earlier fireworks.  It was lovely!

1000 steps

“1000 Steps”

What with my goal to get my health back into gear, we started 2017 with a hike up the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk.  Also more famously known as “1000 steps”, over in the Dandenong Ranges.  It was Mr. C’s idea actually and honestly, I don’t think I would’ve completed the track had Miss 14 not spurred us on.  Both Mr. C and Miss 13 left us behind, while the three of us trailed behind.  Halfway through I turned to Miss 14, asking her if she wanted to turn back.  Good thing she was determined to complete the track.  When we saw the clearing at the top, we both asked each other if indeed that was IT!  Thank goodness it was, because I didn’t think I could’ve gone further if it wasn’t!


Day Trip To Philip Island

Having never been to Philip Island before, we decided to go for a day trip on the third day of 2017.  It wasn’t too long of a drive, and I managed to do a little light reading on the way there.  Nothing like getting ready for the new school term by reading the novel you’ll be teaching.

cafe lugano philip island

Opting to have brunch before we started exploring the island, we decided to give Cafe Lugano in Cowes, a try.  While the food was alright, I thought the service was a bit… Flat.  Except for that one guy who bothered to smile, greet and actually seemed like he enjoyed working.  Everyone else looked as if they’d rather be elsewhere than working.  I had their guacamole on toast with poached egg and heirloom tomatoes with soy cappuccino.


  • Cape Woolamai

First stop was Cape Woolamai.  The plan was to go up to The Pinnacle, which was about a 2 hours walk in total.  Between you and me, I don’t think we got up to The Pinnacle.  I think we had another half and hour or so to go, but I was too lazy and the sun was getting a little bit too much for us.  In fact I had a bit of a sun burn on the back of my neck, no thanks to NOT applying sunscreen!!

cape woolamai trail map

cape woolamai the pinnacle

The views when we were halfway there though were spectacular, but not as beautiful as The Nobbies – where we headed to afterwards.

  • The Nobbies

We then drove to The Nobbies where we strolled along the boardwalk to check out the magnificent views.  The sky was the perfect blue and the waters looked so lovely and clear.

The Nobbies

The greenery set against the waters made the whole scenery look like something out a romantic novel.  Fine.  That’s just me.  But, you’ll know what I mean if you ever get the chance to check the place out.

the nobbies 2

inlet the nobbies

We decided not to stay and watch the penguins as, we would’ve gone a bit crazy waiting over 4 hours for that to happen.

I’ve still got a few more weeks of holidays yet and those will be spent getting the house spruced up a little bit more, chilling out a lot more, possibly catching up with some of my friends and hopefully keeping to my goals of being active!


What have you been up to in the first few days of 2017?



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