Putting On the Spritz

Putting On the Spritz

With Summer hitting our shores – ok, so maybe not so much in Melbourne! – besides the importance of applying and re-applying sunscreen, I do have a product I cannot live without.  I call it the “spritzer”.  Fine, that’s not the official name, but that’s what I’m calling them.  What IS the spritzer?  It’s basically a facial mist.

Favourite Spritzers

There are just so many out there on the market right now but these are the ones I have been trying and loving so far.


I’ve been using this since the day I tried it out a few years ago. The thermal water spray is exactly that – a spray made from thermal water.  It has such amazing properties with rich minerals and trace elements to help moisturise, soothe and protect the skin.  This now comes in three different sizes, the 50ml, 150ml and 300ml.  The 50ml is perfect for your handbag, car or even when travelling.

A rival of Uriage is of course La Roche-Posay and it too has its own thermal water spring.  Well, they are both French!  I switch between the two, depending on which one is on sale or I can get my hands on easily while I’m shopping at Priceline.  Honestly though?  They both do the same thing.

I have only just started trying this product out fairly recently and so far, it has got my tick of approval.  As the name suggests, this alcohol-free solution helps keep your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.  The formula also contains centess + complex, which actually is a unique blend of plant extracts and natural ingredients that target the causes of ageing.  Besides using this to refresh my skin when the weather gets too warm, I also use this as a toner, after cleansing my skin.

One of my favourites and something that doesn’t break the bank is this one from Sukin. The mist toner is also alcohol-free and like the one from Griffin + Row, gives your skin that instant refreshing feeling.  Great to bring on-board flights for when your skin feels dehydrated too.


Do you have a favourite “spritzer” or really, facial mist that you swear by?  Which one or ones are your favourites?




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