Sucked In By Sake

Sucked In By Sake

Hello fellow readers!  Been a while since I last dropped in and well, blogged.  My holidays have started, so I’m hoping to blog a bit more during the holidays.  Provided I’m game enough to leave my comfy bed and stop reading the collection of trashy novels I’ve got on my iPad 😉 .

While I had been busy with work, the lack of posts on Instagram didn’t mean I’ve stopped living altogether. Mr. C and I still went on our weekly “date nights”, but I’ve just been a bit slack in sharing what we’ve been doing.  And while I’m all for sharing all the good things on this blog, you know that I do share the bad experiences too.

Sucked In By Sake

This past weekend was a total write off for us when it came to food. Mr. C and I don’t usually book our dinners unless absolutely necessary, which was how we came to try out the new Sake at Flinders Lane.  Now, normally I would add a link, but because of our recent experience, I’d rather not promote the place at all.

Modern Japanese

We decided to try the place out just to satisfy our curiosity.  Plus The Meatball & Wine Bar a few doors down were packed.  The wait staff were excellent, in that they were polite, accommodating (we didn’t have a booking) and well, nice.  For those wondering what type of food they serve, it’s really what I’d term “modern Japanese”.  Sake is part of the Chin Chin group of restaurants, so you can expect a little… Pseudo Japanese food.

Flat Water, Pickled Veggies & Dessert Platter

Once we were seated, we were asked if we wanted, “sparkling or flat water?”  Being the absolute noobs we were, we thought flat – maybe they were being pretentious and really meant tap.  So yes, we said “flat”.  While giving out the menus, we were then asked if we’d like some edamame or pickled vegetables to start off with.  Thinking this was part of the “service”, I asked for some pickled vegetables.  Once she left and we started to read the menu was when I realised the pickled veggies probably were NOT free.  Oops!

flat water

The water arrived.  In a glass bottle.  Those mineral water glass bottles.  Here I still thought (dumb old me!) that maybe they were being fancy and filled tap water into these bottles. I really should stick to good old suburbia hey?

While I would like to share how much we truly did enjoy the food. No, seriously they were AMAZING.  But I refuse to even mention the specifics.  We did order their “signature menu”, which comprised of 7 courses including dessert.

sake dessert platter

Impressive $60 dessert platter that we really didn’t need to have!

The dessert came and boy were we thrilled. The platter looked simply irresistible; like a work of art!  Oh, I need to actually let you know that while I was in the ladies room, Mr. C was asked if we wanted dessert served on a platter.  Mr. C thought it was such a strange question, but once again, didn’t think too much of it and said yes.

It wasn’t until the bill came that we realised we had been deceived by semantics.  Words that were put in such a way that it sounded like they were complimentary or different, when in actual fact, used to trick us into saying “yes”.

The “FLAT” water was – still or MINERAL water. We were not given the option of having tap at all. Had the wait staff asked, “Would you like sparkling, flat or tap”, we would have been able to discern which was what.  Instead of asking us, “Would you like some edamame or pickled vegetables to start off with”, she should have let us peruse the damn menu and then ask!  Finally, dessert. Seriously?  Why couldn’t the wait staff have asked or said, “Are you ready for the dessert? We also have a dessert platter that costs $60 and has a few extras”.  You know, some indication would be GREAT!

Needless to say, we won’t be coming back. Sad really, considering we loved the food!  Why the need for such deception when you could’ve had us as frequent patrons of the establishment?

Have you been to Sake or any restaurants which have deceived you with unsuspecting extra charges?




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  • These fancier restaurants always trick people with the water. They make you feel stingy when you just want tap water instead of paying for bottled water. Jeez $60 dessert platter?

    • Norlin says:

      I’d rather they think I’m stingy by offering me a choice than tricking me with terms like… FLAT water. Like what??? And yeah $60 was so damn extravagant. Sure wasn’t worth $60. We would’ve been happy with the dessert that was part of the set menu. Was it so hard for them to mention that the one “on the platter” was actually an extra????

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