Meeting the Founders of Real Techniques

Meeting the Founders of Real Techniques

Sometimes the stars align and somehow you get that opportunity to sneak in an event on a WEEKDAY.  I’m talking about the recent Real Techniques event I attended at the Crown Metropol.  Not only was this one of my favourite brands, but I was going to meet the founders, Sam and Nic Chapman!

Meeting the Founders of Real Techniques

When I received the invitation, I immediately responded with yes, even though it was going to be on a Monday night.  It didn’t bother me that I might have to come straight from work because this was definitely an opportunity that I would be crazy to miss!  It wasn’t until the weekend before the event when I realised that the school I was working at was having a TWO day religious holiday.  WOOHOO!  Talk about perfect timing.

In all honesty, I almost didn’t get to meet these amazing ladies.  Being the klutzy chick that I am, I actually missed the turn to the carpark at Crown and had to do about… a few rounds before figuring out how to get back to where I had to.  In my anxious state, I almost wanted to turn around and drive home.  Good thing I persevered and soldiered on.


With Ling from Ling Out Loud

The event was held at 28 Skybar Lounge – up, up high so you could see the city skyline – with lovely food, and drinks served.  I got there in the nick of time, just a few minutes before our guests of honour had to present themselves.  Both Sam and Nic were just super lovely and witty.


Nic and Sam Chapman from Real Techniques

Who was whom?

At first I was quite confused as to who was whom.  I had prepped myself beforehand with the knowledge that Nic had blonde hair and Sam darker hair.  Miss 14 then said the one thing I didn’t want to hear, “You do know she could have dyed her hair right?”  Well, she was definitely right there!  I was gobsmacked when I saw both ladies sporting darker hair!  What the?  Now came the task of figuring them out.  Thankfully through some careful detective work, we managed to figure out their identities!  Sam was the taller one.  Easy as.  I think?


With Nic and Sam 

Then came the part where I had to think of what to say to them when I did get the chance to come up and take some photos.  Little did I know, I needn’t have worried at all.  They were so warm, and inviting and they were the ones that initiated the conversation!  Phew!  Total pros!  We mostly chatted about where they’ve been, where they should go and check out.  Easy enough for me as I totally didn’t want to seem forced and awkward coming up with questions that might seem dull.

Newly Released Products

I had a nice time meeting the sisters and the goody bag was pretty awesome too.  We received the new collection of :

All of which I am extremely excited to try out!  The Ultimate Base set comprises of the “expert face brush”; great for buffing cream or liquid foundation, miracle complexion sponge; for easy application of foundation and BB Cream and a deluxe concealer brush.  The set comes with a mirrored case, making it perfect for travel.

I’m keen to try out the miracle sculpting sponge to help with my contouring and highlighting and the mini erasers?  Apparently they’re great for perfecting any mistakes, or picking up fall outs.  So stay tuned for my review of these products – soon!




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