Lash Extensions Again!

Lash Extensions Again!

About two years ago, I shared a post comparing falsies with lash extensions.  While I admitted how lovely the lash extensions looked and the ease of not having to apply mascara or even eye makeup for that matter, I did miss the whole process of applying eye makeup.  Yes I know, I’m a walking contradiction.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and suddenly I decided, stuff this, I’m going to get them done. Again. I do have rather valid reasons though.

Why I decided to have lash extensions

There were a number of reasons that made me decide to have them.

  • Cuts down the time I take for my morning routine

Having to be up at 5:30am each morning to not only get ready, but to get the kids’ lunches and snacks ready for school, takes a whole lot of time.  Time I simply do not have to waste. The lash extensions gives an illusion of having fuller lashes, therefore, minimising my need to apply mascara.  It also means I can skip tight-lining my eyes too as it also darkens my lash line.  Basically all I need to do is to apply some BB Cream, fill in my eyebrows and apply some lip balm.  The school I work at does not encourage any eyeshadow, blusher or lipstick, so really, having these extensions just makes me look less frumpy.

  • My own lashes were pretty pathetic

Unlike other members of my family – Mr. C, the two girls and even Master 10 – I have sad looking lashes.  They are short, sparse and well… almost non-existent.  So call it vanity because that’s what it really is!  Vanity!  Yes, I am vain – so sue me.  While the length and curl of the extensions took a lot of getting used to, I’m now sort of fine with how it looks.  At least I’ll know what to ask for the next time I go for my re-fills.  Less curl please.

  • No need for any eye makeup

I think it’s just pure laziness on my part, but having these extensions sure eliminates the need to apply eyeshadow when I’m too lazy to apply any!  Now, when I go out for my date night, I can finally just concentrate on my contouring (which is minimal by the way), eyebrows (need a lot of work in that area!) and some amazingly bold lip colour.  Voila!  I’m done!


Day 1 of getting my eyelash extensions

Issues I did have with lash extensions

  • Sensitivity to eyelash glue

Having these lash extensions wasn’t without any issues though.  Unlike my previous experience, this time, I found the eyelash glue to be rather sensitive for my eyes.  My right eye was a little bit red for about two days.  Everyone thought I looked tired.  Definitely NOT the look I was going for!

  • Way too long and curly

The lashes were too long and curly, which made it rather noticeable when I first got them.  I wanted something that looked a lot more natural and I think it was way too curly for me.  Plus, the length also meant I got poked in the eye by one of the lashes.  OUCH!  Don’t ask me how that happened, but it did happen.

Other than that, I have been pretty happy with my eyelash extensions and will be going back to have them re-filled in a few weeks time.  This time though, I’ll have to ask for slightly shorter and less curly.


A week after having them done and in “full” makeup

Have you had eyelash extensions done before?  Would you go for it?


I had mine done through Lashes by Shiz, who operates her business on Sundays and by appointment only.

**P.S: This was a service that I paid fully for.  



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  • I’ve always been interested in lash extensions but too scared to get them haha. Do they stay on well? How much do you have to care for them to keep them intact? Can you apply product to them or should you avoid it? I have so many questions haha.

    • Norlin says:

      Totally get why you’d be scared. You need a rather reputable beautician – none of those heavily discounted places via coupons. You’ll need to be rather specific that you want a more ‘natural’ look. That means not too curly – you can see from the side that it’s sort of “fake” otherwise, and not too long. I have gone back for my refills. Surprisingly had some left on my lashes still. And this time I told my beautician to use shorter lashes and ones that are not too curled up. Worked a treat!

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