How To Get Good Brows

How To Get Good Brows

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I’ve been harping on and on about why having well-shaped eyebrows are important.  In fact, in most if not all cases, when you do have well-shaped eyebrows, you lessen the need to work too hard to achieve a rather decent overall look.  All you’ll need to do is fill them in, apply a lick of mascara, some lip gloss and possibly a bit of blush and you’re good to go.

I’ve shared how to shape your eyebrows previously plus some extra tips on how the placement of where your eyebrow “starts” can actually change the shape of your nose, and also how tinting your eyebrows can help lessen the time taken to get ready each day.

How To Get Good Brows

While I highly recommend that you go to a professional to have your eyebrows shaped and also for regular “clean ups”, I have to admit that the last time I had my eyebrows professionally done was quite a long while ago.  I do prefer getting them threaded than waxed, and for that I highly recommend Ottoman3, of which I have already reviewed previously.  Due to my laziness to trudge all the way into the city to get my eyebrows done, I have been doing my own upkeep and cleaning up my eyebrows at home.  It’s not that hard if you’ve already got it shaped previously.  All you need to do is regularly clean up any strays that might grow.  I usually tweeze them.

The clean up

Following the shape that has already been done for you previously, use a tweezer to tweeze out any unwanted hairs.  Make sure you brush your eyebrows first as well.  I wouldn’t recommend trimming your eyebrows if you were not highly confident, but I do trim mine.  Simply brush the eyebrows going upwards, then downwards towards the end of your eyebrows.  You can then trim any hairs that are “above” the line of your eyebrow shape.

Your eyebrows are sisters not twins

I’ve had this said to me each time I say to a professional eyebrow “specialist” that my eyebrows aren’t equal.  Well, if you look at your face, most if not all aren’t perfectly symmetrical, so why would your eyebrows be identical?  Which is why you need some tools to create a slightly more even pair of eyebrows.

Tools for getting those great brows

So you’ve shaped, cleaned your brows but somehow, they still need some help in the framing department.  If you’ve got them tinted already, then I say, “Lucky you!”  If not, then read on.

  • Tool 1 – the primer/conditioner

Honestly though, I’ve never primed my eyebrows, but seeing that Benefit sent me their newly released *BrowVo rrp49.00, I thought I’d just give it a go and see how it works.

with primer

With BrowVo

brow vo

BrowVo comes in a silver tube which is sort of like a pen really.  You twist the bottom of the pen to dispense the primer at the top.  The gel is clear so you can’t see it on your brows once you’ve applied.  If you’re using this for the first time, you would need to click a few times to dispense the gel.  After your first application, you would only need to twist/click the pen once to dispense a little that will definitely go a long way.

  • Tool 2 – the filler

Next comes the job of filling in your eyebrows.  Now, remember, FILL not DRAW!  Unless of course that’s the look you’re going for.  The *Goof Proof rrp$42.00 eyebrow pencil comes with a spool brush on one end and “pencil” on the other.

goof proof


with goof proof

After filling in my eyebrows with Goof Proof

The great thing about the pencil or I’d rather call it crayon, is the fact that you won’t need to sharpen it.  The end comes in a slanted shape to help you easily fill in your brows.  If you think you’ve seen something similar from other brands, then yes, you’re right.  There are others who are way cheaper than the Goof Proof and work just as well.

  • Tool 3 – add volume

I have rather sad, sparse eyebrows, so if you’re like me and need to add some volume, then the *Gimme Brow Volumizing eyebrow gel rrp$39.00 is the way to go.  It’s not a new product from Benefit, but more of a “revamp” of the packaging.  It works the same way as their previous gimme brow, just with slightly more flashy packaging in the silver tube.

gimme brow

I’ve shared how much I love the original gimme brow over here and while I’ve tried other cheaper, drugstore versions, I still prefer the original.  Why?  Well, it gives me the right amount of product on a brush that isn’t way too big.

  • Groom it

Finally, groom your well filled and volumised eyebrows with a spool to lessen any harshness you might have.  Usually I also apply some highlighter on my brow bone to further enhance the shape of my eyebrows.  It gives a nice lift too!

before after brows

The after features all three products plus some highlighting on my brow

Pretty easy steps and easy-to-use tools for you to get that almost perfect brow.  I say almost perfect because I’m not that great with making them perfect 😉 .

Have you tried any of these products before?  Also, the products will be available very soon!  So you can pre-order them if you like… or not.  It’s your choice really.

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  • I love the original Gimme Brow, thanks for the info that only the packaging has changed. Love the Goof Proof name, that’s the type of product I need, haha!

    • Norlin says:

      Yeah, it’s really just the packaging with the Gimme Brow. The formula and brush are still the same. After trying other brands I think this is still the best one so far.
      Goof proof is definitely GOOF PROOF! LOL! You won’t go overboard when filling in your brows. 😉

  • Melinda says:

    “You’re eyebrows are sisters not twins” Love that so much!

    Benefit is one of my favourite makeup brands and I have a particular obsession with my brows so can’t wait to try the Goof Proof pencil!

    • Norlin says:

      Hahhaha… just make sure they don’t end up looking like second cousins! LOL!

      I definitely highly recommend Goof Proof – although you can get something that does the same job from a drugstore brand too 😉

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