Monday Eats – San Churro Share Plates

Monday Eats – San Churro Share Plates

It was the last week of the school holidays (that was two weeks ago by the way), and the kids and I just thought, let’s finish the holidays off with a bang!  Being the simple creatures that we are, we decided to have a treat over at San Churro.  Well, Miss 12 was out with her bestie for her own dessert treat and we really didn’t want to be left out.

San Churro Share Plates

Now, just in case you were wondering if this post was paid to be written or if we were given vouchers – the answer is no, I paid for the whole thing myself.  The days of getting vouchers to enjoy my most favourite part of the meal (dessert of course), is long over.  And I’m fine with it.  Makes it so much less stressful when I can enjoy something without any expectation from a brand. 😉

Miss 14, Master 10 and I could not decide on what to get, so we went for one of their share plates. They’ve got a few on offer, and if I’m not mistaken, they’ve made a few little changes to their share plates menu.  We decided to go for the chocolate tapas, so that we could have more than just dipping stuff into chocolate.

Chocolate Tapas

San Churro’s chocolate tapas featured chocolate dipped straberries, mini churro funnel cake, mini churros, deep fried chocolate truffles, chocolate dipping sauce, chocolate ice cream and your choice of two of their truffles.

san churro chocolate tapas

The funnel cake is a new addition to their menu, and it’s a good way to try out and see what it really is instead of getting their full sized version.  According to their menu, a funnel cake is a cross between a doughnut and a pancake.  So in other words, sort of like a fluffy, thicker pancake?  I think?  Ours was decorated with melted chocolate on top, to give it that extra oomph that could (and did!) put us into a chocolate coma.

I was amazed by the deep fried chocolate truffles.  They were just… sublime.  You know, just like the texture of a chocolate mars bar?  Crunchy on the outside, and soft and gooey on the inside… Oh to die for!

We dipped the churros in the chocolate sauce of course, what else right?  And the kids had the chocolate dipped strawberries.

It definitely was a scrumptious treat for the three of us and yes, it was more than enough.  It wasn’t too rich a platter like what I suspect the fondue might have turned out to be.  Unless of course you have that absolute sweet tooth.

Are you a fan of dessert?  What sort of dessert do you normally go for?  Do you love chocolate?  Have you tried San Churro’s share plates?




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