I Am: Watching, Trying & Loving

I Am: Watching, Trying & Loving

If you’re wondering why I’ve missed last week’s I Am segment, well, besides it being the school holidays, it was also because I’ve been so stuck to the screen.  My eyes that is.

I am binge watching K-Drama

You see, I have nobody to blame but myself because besides pure laziness, I have been binge watching on Netflix, more specifically Korean dramas or K-dramas for short.  The most recent one being 12 Years Promise, which is a story about two teenagers who fell in love, got pregnant and had to be separated… Until 12 years later where they meet, by accident.  Or maybe, it was fate.  Ah, K-Drama, what’s not to love right?  Actually, this is the very first one I managed to finish watching.  There were two others that I started but got bored because they were just too slow.

12 years promise

This one shared the characters’ past, and how they met, that sort of thing.  The girl, Guk, had to move to Seoul from Busan with her family, after her father got killed in an accident.  They moved in with her maternal grandmother, who was selling some homemade dumplings.  The building that the grandmother stays in belonged to the family of the guy, Jun Su, that she will eventually fall in love with.  To cut a long story short, the guy’s mum disapproves of the girl, Guk and so did Guk’s mum.  Then there’s what I would call the “villain” in every K-Drama, Da-hae.  She’s the childhood friend of Jun Su, who of course is in love with him.  That’s where part of the drama really is.

What I’ve found intriguing in almost every K-Drama I have seen is the recipe.  Each drama has their two main characters who have some kind of forbidden love.  One is usually rich while the other isn’t or is struggling to make ends meet.  And there is ALWAYS a villain who would shake up their lives.  A relentless villain.  Someone you’d love to hate.  That’s how good the actor playing the villain usually is!  And boy did I hate Da-hae, the spoilt little rich girl with daddy issues!  While I did enjoy seeing the backstory, I found the “present” a little bit too messy.  Too many characters jumbled in and the ending was a bit pathetic, to be honest.  Nevertheless, it did take me right to the end of the series, so I guess that’s really saying something!

I am trying out flavoured instant coffee 

Yes you read it right.  This coffee snob who hasn’t drunk instant coffee for more than a year now is trying out flavoured instant coffee.  *Beanies flavour coffee is a brand from the UK that specialises in flavoured coffee.  Unlike other brands who coat their coffee granules with the flavourings, they actually infuse the flavours into the granules.  There are quite a number of different flavours to choose from:

  • Ameretto Almond
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Cinder Toffee
  • Cinnamon Hazelnut
  • Coconut Delight
  • Very Vanilla
  • Cookie Dough and lots more!

I was given the Ameretto Almond, Cinder Toffee and Very Vanilla to try.  The Cinder Toffee smelt divine and taste-wise, was surprisingly pleasant!  I loved the Ameretto Almond the best and Miss 14 has been drinking Very Vanilla every day.  I know.  She’s drinking coffee?  What?  Oh well… I guess it’s not alcohol.

beanies ameretto almond coffee

While it does state that it has less than 2 calories per serving and has no added sugar, I did add a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten it a little.  So it’s really up to you.  While it’s not bitter without sugar, I’d say the sugar does add a little kick to the whole experience.

Unfortunately, it’s still unavailable in stores in Australia, hence the reach to help spread the word.  And no I wasn’t paid, but I was given free coffee – who can say no to free coffee?  While this isn’t as robust as actual non-instant coffee, it’s pretty decent for those who are after something with a different yet interesting flavour without compromising on their love for coffee.

I am loving orange & cinnamon tea

Since Winter started, I have been craving for a warm drink that had a hint of cinnamon in it.  I don’t know why but maybe it’s the warmth the scent of cinnamon brings?  Which was why I went out on a mission to find a cinnamony tasting beverage.  Something that was non-alcoholic so that I could enjoy it during the day and not have alcohol in my system before picking up the kids from school.


Thankfully, I found this – Twinings Orange and Cinnamon flavoured tea! – during my trip to the supermarket.  Orange and cinnamon!  What a lovely combination!  And boy was I glad I picked this up and tried it the moment I got home.  The scent was delectable.  It was warm, inviting and tasted divine!  Who would have thought a simple beverage could actually satisfy my cravings eh?

And that’s all folks!  What are you enjoying right now?  Any new food, drinks, shows or whatever you’ve been enjoying recently?  Would love to hear your new finds and recommendations!

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