An Update & Just a Slight Change

An Update & Just a Slight Change

It’s the start of the second week of the school term break in Victoria and last week I was busy catching up with friends I haven’t seen for ages.

An update

The first one was a friend I met when I had my first job after graduating.  She was working in the same building as I was and we always passed by each other every morning.  This friendly lady and I became fast friends because, well, she’s super friendly and has such a warm presence.  We lost touch for a few years, and only sort of keeping in contact via Facebook.  More like me seeing what she’s been up to if she does share photos up on her page.  So it was definitely a much anticipated day for me when we finally made a time to catch up over lunch.

It was a long time coming!  We caught up with what’s been happening in each other’s lives and boy was there a lot to catch up on.  I mean it has been over 7 years or so.  Let’s hope we don’t wait that long to meet again.


Then it was with my two coursemates from my teaching course.  One of the girls is now teaching in the country and the other has been busy with teaching, that we haven’t had time to chat much due to a hefty work schedule.  It was really interesting to hear their stories and experiences during their first year of teaching.

My full time experience starts in the next semester, so I’m really looking forward to tackling the challenges that I’m about to face – namely knowing the topics well, because students know when you’re giving them bullsh*t, so I’d need to be prepared for all that!

If there’s one thing that’s taught me about friendship is the fact that true friendships do last the test of time.  You know that the friendship is real when you can meet up, and catch up as if time hasn’t passed that long!  Do you have those kind of friendships?

Just A Slight Change

Also, you might notice a slight change in my logo above?  And my tagline?  I’ve changed this blog from a “Style File” to “A Lifestyle Blog”, because that’s what it is.  A blog that covers everything and not just about beauty and styling.  I’ve grappled with changing my blog name altogether, but there were just too many things I had to consider:

  • buying a new domain name
  • redirecting the old domain name to the new
  • changing everything else

And besides, I do love the name Baubles, Bubbles & Bags – it so encapsulates what I am about – baubles because I love all things sparkly, bubbles because who doesn’t love a glass of bubbly? And bags – yes, I am known to be a bag hoarder.

flower hands

What I’ll Still Be Writing About

It’s interesting to see the way this blog has changed over time.  The essence I guess, is still the same, I’m still sharing tips to save you money.  I’m still learning and discovering ways to be more conscious of the purchases I make, and will continue to share these ideals.  Food is still at the top of my list, because, who doesn’t love food?  Just that I’ve been going to the same places for my date nights with Mr. C, so there’s really nothing to report.  I love the theatre so hopefully there will be more on that to share and possibly exhibitions.  And finally, my personal life, or at least little bits and pieces that I CAN share.

So, hopefully you’ll still continue to follow me on my writing journey.  Let me know what you’d like to see more or less of on the blog, in the comments below.


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