Beauty And Styling Necessities

Beauty And Styling Necessities

The inspiration for this particular  post came about as I was window shopping yesterday.  Well, actually I was at Sussan trying out a few items that were on sale – 50% off already discounted items – who could resist that right?  Anyway, it was while I was trying out these items that I realised, I don’t need more clothes.  I needed new UNDIES!  Yes, you read it right.  Undies.  Something that is so important but often overlooked – at least in my case it always is.  You see, without the right undies or at least ones that fit properly, you won’t feel comfortable and when you’re uncomfortable, nothing will feel nor will they look right.  So in this post, I’ll share with you beauty and styling products that are essential to make us feel and look good.

Beauty And Styling Necessities


  • Dry shampoo

I swear by this product, not only for the convenience – actually yes, it is for that reason.  Shampooing your hair each, and every day actually isn’t that great for your hair.  That is why the dry shampoo is the absolute essential item to have in your bathroom cabinet.  Not only does it help provide some volume for hair, but is a life saver for when you just can’t be bothered or have no time to wash your hair.  It does take some getting used to and the right technique to make it work, so I’ve included this post from Christina over at Hair Romance, who shows you how to use dry shampoo effectively.

  • Moisturiser

This covers both the face and body – different products of course, but hugely important.  What I love about face moisturisers is the fact that it can double up as sort of a primer.  Sort of.  Best to have this on before any makeup application!

  • Sunscreen

sunsense daily face

I cannot stress enough the importance of using sunscreen, even during Autumn and Winter.  My favourites are the ones from ^La Roche-Posay and ^Sunsense Daily Face.  Apply the sunscreen after you have applied your moisturiser and let it settle before applying your primer and makeup.

  • Mascara

beauty necessity mascara

If I had to choose one makeup product to bring with me anywhere, it’ll have to be a mascara.  The darker the formula, the better it is because it helps to make the whites of your eyes white, therefore making them brighter too! My favourite mascaras so far are ^Benefit’s Roller Lash and ^Rimmel’s Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara.

  • Lip balm

A great pick-me-up for those who just cannot be bothered to apply any lipstick or lip gloss.  Two other bonuses?  The fact that you don’t even need a mirror to apply this and it keeps your lips luscious and moisturised!


  • The right undergarments

This covers both bras and undies.  These need to:

  • be the correct cut and style. E.g a full brief would actually work perfectly when you’re wearing a dress or skirt, avoid VPLs by wearing seam-free undies, avoid wearing lace bras underneath t-shirts.
  • be the correct colour for what you’re wearing. E.g cream undergarments when you’re wearing white
  • fit well – no saggy undies, or bras that just don’t fit well.  Click here to find out how to find the right bra for you!


  • Hosiery

An essential that could complete your outfit easily but just like undergarments, you would need to make sure that you have the correct size.  Have at least one in a nude and another in black, for versatility.

  • White shirt

One of the items that should be a part of any wardrobe capsule.  Works well with jeans, pants, skirts and even underneath dresses!  It’s an easy piece that can go with almost anything and everything in your wardrobe.  I call it, THE blank canvas. 😉

  • White t-shirt

Yet another wardrobe staple and a must-have.  Just like the white shirt, this can be dressed up or down easily and acts like a blank canvas.


That’s my teeny tiny list of beauty and styling essentials.  What else would you consider essential?  Would love to hear your suggestions.


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