Matte Lip Products I’ve Tried

Matte Lip Products I’ve Tried

Matte lip products seem to be all the rage right now.  Actually it started some time late last year, I’m guessing, but is now in full force this year.  It’s as if every brand is coming up with their own version of the matte lippie or matte liquid lip… Basically matte anything to do with lips.  Was it Kylie Jenner and her lip kits that made it popular, or did she jump into the matte liquid lip bandwagon because she knew it was going to be super popular?  It’s like asking which came first?  The chicken or the egg.  And really, I can’t be arsed to find out when matte lip products actually started being popular recently.

And like any other blogger who is obsessed with beauty products, I too have fallen into that rabbit hole of matte lip products, just because… Well, I have no reason really.  I was just curious and sadly, curiosity is slowly killing this cat’s bank account.  This is also made worse by the fact that I am so easily swayed by that thing called… lip products. For some it’s blush, others, it’s eyeshadow palettes, but me?  Hands down lip products, as evidenced by this challenge I did a few years ago.

Matte Lip Products I’ve Tried

Thanks to this growing trend of matte lip products and also the various pop up sales that have been happening all throughout the year, I have also been hoarding trying out a few different ones from a number of brands.  While in the past matte lip products have had formulas that would generally dry out our lips, I have to say, these days, they’ve improved a whole lot.

  • Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm rrp$17.95

revlon colorburst matte balm

Just like the original version of the Colorburst Lip Balm, the matte version also comes in crayon form.  The good thing about the ^matte version is that, just like the original version, they are just as amazingly moisturising on the lips!  It doesn’t feel drying, and the colour is just amazing!  The colour however, does not last all day, but it does leave a lovely stain on your lips afterwards.

  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor rrp$23.95

revlon matte lipcolor

I think this is a rather recent release from Revlon… Well, that’s what I’m guessing anyway.  I have to admit though that it was really the packaging of this ^Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor.  The frosted plastic case and silver lid look so divinely chic.  The product comes in a liquid lip form, in other words like a lip gloss without the gloss because it’s matte.  The texture is rather creamy and thankfully, the colour lasts a lot longer than the Colorburst counterpart.  While the crayon has a rather minty scent, this one has a more chocolaty scent and taste!

  • Maybelline Lipstudio ColorBlur rrp$17.95

^Maybelline has its own version of the matte lippy and this time they’ve decided to differentiate from the rest by providing a smudger as well.  How does it work?  On one side is the colour crayon, which you can wear on its on of course, just like any other lip crayon.  And on the other side is a smudger made out of what I think is, rubber material.  This was created to make it possible for people to create that gradient lips look or what Maybelline says, “blur the colour”.

maybelline colorblur

All you have to do to create that look is to apply the colour onto the middle of your top and bottom lips, then using the smudger, smudge the colour outwards.

Colour-wise, the brighter shades are pretty intense.  As for longevity?  Well, it does eat off and leave a soft stain behind.  The formula does leave my lips a little dry but, to curb that, I usually apply some lip balm beforehand, say a few minutes before applying the product so that the lip balm has nicely absorbed onto my lips!

  • Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet rrp$15.95

rimmel apocalips lip velvet

I fell in love with the non-matte version when Rimmel released the Apocalips liquid lip.  When I found out it also had a ^matte version, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on one – well, there was a sale, so why not!  The colour is bold, and long lasting, but can be a tiny bit drying on the lips.  So remember to apply a little lip balm beforehand.

  • Essence XXXL Longlasting Velvet Matte Lipgloss rrp$4.70

Sometimes it can be a little “dangerous” to step into Priceline, even if your original intention was to purchase something else, that so happened NOT to be available.  That was how I “accidentally” bought this velvet matte lipgloss from Essence.  I mean hello… It’s less than $5!


essence xxxl velvet matte

While the colour I chose worked perfectly well for that nude look I was going for, unfortunately the formula was really drying on the lips.  The product is so thick that I even had trouble placing the doe foot applicator back into the tube.  Speaking of the applicator, it’s so flimsy that I was afraid it might break off and get stuck in the tube.  I guess that’s why it’s less than $5.  Not saying that cheaper products are not as great as those that cost more than $10, but I think this was a flop.

Those were the few matte lip products I’ve tried recently, some I love and one I didn’t particularly like.  Are you a fan of the matte lips craze?  Which ones have you tried and loved?  

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