Monday Eats: Fonda Mexican

Monday Eats: Fonda Mexican

Who doesn’t love Mexican food right?  Well, let me correct myself – actually Mr. C doesn’t but one restaurant has evidently won his heart over.  I’m talking about Fonda Mexican!

Fonda Mexican

I first discovered Fonda Mexican a few months ago while Mr. C and I were on our way to Ribs & Burgers in Hawthorn.  We were looking for a car park and drove past Fonda Mexican.  I had heard about it and I knew it would take a whole lot of convincing for me to get Mr. C to try out Mexican food.  You see, he isn’t a huge fan, except when I cook it and when we had it in New York.  And he did like Mamasita in the city, but we just weren’t huge fans of queueing too long for food that we could possibly get elsewhere, at a much quicker rate.  Which we did!

One fine Saturday night, we took the kids out for dinner (instead of our usual date night) and decided to try out La Fonda.  Ok, so I sort of conspired with the kids to convince him.  There was a teeny tiny wait when we got to the one in Hawthorn but 15 minutes wasn’t too long for us.  Plus, we had nowhere else to go that night anyway.


We were greeted by the wait staff, who brought us over to our seat – or more like a booth style set up.  He explained how it all worked after finding out it was our very first time.  To order, you’d need to go up to the counter, and your food will then be brought to you once it’s ready.

The place was what I would say, pretty hip.  Well, it’s a casual place with rather loud (ish) music, in a pretty warm and cosy atmosphere.


Like any other Mexican food joint, Fonda’s menu comprised of quesadillas, tacos, burritos and salads of course.  There’s also the “Feed Me” option, which is a feast ($49) fit for a couple.  The “Feed Me” consisted of:

  • Tortilla crisps served with a side of guacamole and pico de gallo
  • 2 charred corn
  • 2 fish tacos
  • 1  Quesadilla

We had the “Feed Me” option and added chopped beef burritos, chicken tacos and chipotle chips to feed the family.

fonda mexican corn chips dips

Tortilla Crisps

The food was AMAZING to say the least!  Everything tasted divinely fresh and I honestly do not know nor do I care if it was authentic Mexican food or not.  They tasted great!

fonda mexican fish tortilla

Fish Tacos

fonda mexican grilled corn

Charred Corn


I was thoroughly impressed with how quick the food came, which makes it perfect for those with kids who want to be fed STAT!  They were also very friendly and helpful.  No “I’m too hip to serve” type of bullsh*t.

We went to the one in Windsor the next few times, which usually has a shorter waiting time and unless you’re going in with more than 10 people, they only take walk-ins – no reservations needed.

If you’re a fan of beers, I’d highly recommend the Rosita, which is a pale ale with a slightly fruity flavour.  Yes, I know, very girly 😉 .

We’ve now eaten at Fonda Mexican a few times, a testament to how fab the place is because it’s been Mr. C’s suggestion to go there after we tried it out the first time.


Fonda Mexican

Knox, Flinders Lane, Hawthorn, Richmond & Windsor


Have you tried out Fonda Mexican too?  What did you think of the food and place?  What did you eat there?  Where else have you eaten Mexican food in Melbourne?  Would love to hear your suggestions!





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