Friday’s Favourites

Friday’s Favourites

I haven’t done one of these posts in a very long time.  I think this might be the first one this year?  I could be wrong, but then again, it HAS been a long time.

I have a few favourites to share with you so thought why not write one this week.  There’s a skincare favourite that I’ve recently discovered which now can be purchased directly from, a series I have recently watched on Stan and am absolutely pissed they’re NOT making a second season of, and a style of shirt I am so obsessed with, I have three of and am thinking of getting more – but that’s just a bit extravagant isn’t it?

Friday’s Favourites

  • French skincare that delivers

I have always been a huge fan of French skincare and these brands have been on high rotation ever since I was first introduced to them.  The annoying thing is the fact that while these brands are supposed to be stocked in Priceline and some pharmacies, trouble is, you can’t always find what you’re looking for.  I’m talking about Uriage, Bioderma and Nuxe, all under the umbrella of Cosmetiques de France.

cosmetique de france

It wasn’t until recently that you could actually purchase these brand directly online, from them.  No more middle men and to sweeten the deal, there’s even free delivery when you spend a minimum of $50.  Oh, and you even get a freebie, depending on your total purchase.  I actually found out about this on Tuesday when I was writing up my post on Preventing those Dreadful Breakouts this week.

It was then that I started to put a few things in their cart – well, it so happened that I did need to re-stock the Nuxellence Detox Serum, and then added the Bioderma Hydrabio Rich Moisturising Cream.  I got totally excited to see that they added a freebie to my order too!  The Bioderma Atoderm hand cream – perfect for this weather I tell you!  The best thing is?  The delivery arrived the very next day!  Talk about service!  Needless to say, I will be going directly to them from now on seeing that Priceline never seem to stock what I need during their 40% off sales.

  • Billy & Billie

Billy and Billie

I was checking out Stan, trying to see what series to watch when I stumbled on Billy & Billie.  Featuring Adam Brody (remember The O.C?) and Lisa Joyce, the series is about step-siblings who fall for each other – unintentionally.  Well, you won’t know that they’re actually somewhat related (even though it’s via marriage) until the third episode.  It’s a slow but rather intriguing series and gosh, pretty dry humour too.  Lots of dialogue and it explores the different relationships and society’s reaction to such a “taboo” situation.   The sad thing is, I just found out they won’t be making season 2. Boo!  Instead, they have an hour long, special edition to wrap up the series.  An ending that I really wasn’t expecting.  At all.

  • Pussy Bow Blouses/Shirts

I honestly cannot say the name of the style without cracking up. Yes, very mature of me I know… But I do love pussy bow blouses!  For those of you who might not know what style that is, it’s basically a regular shirt with a bow.  Well, where you have straps you can tie into a bow at the neck.  I have no idea why but I just LOVE this style and have recently bought 3, all in different fabrics and colours.  Call me crazy, but they are just so cute!  I think it’s because it gives you a softer, more feminine style than a regular shirt.  I would love to get a few more pieces in different fabrics and prints, but I think 3 is enough huh?

blue pussy bow shirt

green pussy bow shirt

That’s it folks!  Have you come across any of my favourites?  What do you think of pussy bow blouses/shirts?  Will you be checking out Billy and Billie?




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A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!

  • Melinda says:

    Now that I know Adam Brody is in Billy & Billie I will DEFINITELY be checking it out. Please tell me he’s still got some of that old Seth Cohen charm.

    Have you watched UnReal? That’s on Stan too and it’s so addictive.

    • Norlin says:

      YES! He still does have that Seth Cohen charm. That’s why I got so hooked on watching it. AND YES! LOVE UnReal! That’s the reason why I haven’t unsubscribed from Stan. :/ So addictive. Season 2 is getting juicier each week!

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