I AM… Taking Stock of My Life

I AM… Taking Stock of My Life

I was browsing through my blog today and came across this post I wrote two years ago, where I took stock of what had been happening in my life.  Pip from Meet Me At Mikes does this rather more diligently than I do, and my regular version is a much shorter one, the I Am… segment.

Reading through that post, I realised how happy I was then.  Not saying that I’m not right now, but I sure am at a different point in my life and it’s only been two years.  Things sure change pretty quickly in my life, I guess!

So, I thought I should take stock of what’s been happening lately, in this post.

Taking Stock of My Life

Making: Connections!  As in reconnecting with old friends that I’ve lost touch with.  Well, I haven’t totally lost touch, because they’ve been on my Facebook friend list.  It’s more actually reconnecting, chatting, even if it’s just online.  In fact I’ll be meeting one of my friends during the school holidays.  I think we haven’t seen each other for over 7 years!

Cooking : Lots of schnitzel.  Miss 12 has her representative netball every Thursday evening, which means I have no time to cook a proper meal.  After trying out Aldi’s chicken and cheese schnitzel, this has now become our Thursday night staple.  I serve it alongside some pasta salad, or like yesterday, with pieces of toasts and chickpea curry.

stripped coconut water costco

Drinking : Coconut water has been such a huge hit in this household, which is why we’re lucky to have a Costco within a convenient distance.  I usually stock up whenever I head there but trust me, it doesn’t last long in this house!

julie johnson books

Reading: Romance/Mystery novel by Julie Johnson, whose main characters are just hilariously adorable!  The protagonist always starts off as this supposedly damsel in distress who is actually waiting to burst out and kick some serious arse… Well, not really, more like go out and make a name for herself really.  Her books are mainly in the genre of romance but with a dash of mystery thrown in for a little excitement.

Wanting: To be more consistent with my exercising.  I’ve been a little bit slack the last few weeks and I can feel the difference in my body.  You see, my eating habits haven’t changed, but I’ve been exercising a lot lesser.  Maybe it’s the lack of motivation.  Maybe it’s not know what my future entails has indirectly been hampering my motivation.  Maybe I’m just feeling a little bit lazy.
Looking: For ways to occupy myself ever since I completed my studies.  It’s as if I have no purpose in life right now.  But, if it all falls into place, I’ll be planning lessons come second semester of the school term. 😉

Wishing: That I could turn back time to when I was a teenager and prevented certain things from happening.  Or maybe I should just stop wishing for the impossible.
Enjoying: Watching a lot of programs on Netflix.  Sadly, that’s what I’ve been doing regularly whenever I’m not doing any relief teaching.  No wonder my bottom is getting bigger!
Waiting: For the school term break because I am absolutely exhausted this term!  Especially with the super early morning starts, getting ready and wondering if I’ll get a call for emergency relief teaching each and everyday.
Liking: The times I get to spend with my kids after school.  That’s when they off-load their day while I have my coffee.  Great bonding time for us.
Wondering: What my future will be since I graduated with a Master of Teaching.  Seriously speaking, while I’m thankful for the opportunities to work as a relief teacher, I am however looking forward to a full time gig, where I can actually teach!

Loving: Watching Miss 12 and her team in representative netball play each week.  We could see how much these girls just LOVE the game and how committed they are.

Pondering: When the school that offered me a full time position will contact me and organise an induction because I’m seriously panicking right now!  And yes, I did get a job offer – hooray!

Considering: Running away with the circus.  Ok, not really, but sometimes I feel like dropping everything and running away just go travelling.  Oh if only I had an unlimited amount of money!

Watching: Terrace House on Netflix.  If you love watching reality television, then I’d highly recommend watching this Japanese version of Geordie Shore.  The only difference is, they are all Japanese, they don’t go crazy partying, they are very polite to each other, they don’t show you that they are “doing” it and even the kissing scene is so mild you think you’re watching some show for teenagers.  Seriously, it’s interesting to see how different the culture is compared to the ones we see from their western counterparts. 


Hoping: That I would be able to juggle work, my family and myself really, once I start working full-time.  It has been a very long time since I last worked full time, so it’ll take a lot of organising and help from other parents who would hopefully be willing to lend a hand once a while. 
Marvelling: At how much Master 10 just loves playing basketball.  Now that he’s with a different club, he’s gotten his confidence back and playing better than ever.
Needing: Enough sleep as I’ve been waking up at odd hours lately – 4:30am, 5:00am – and then fall back to sleep only to have to wake up at 6am to start my day.
Smelling: I would love to say that I’ve been smelling the roses, but umm…. Not smelling anything right now as it’s Winter and we have no blooms in our garden!
Wearing: Lots of layers this Winter.  Is it me or has it been colder than previous years?
Noticing: That if I walked a lot lesser while I’m doing my running, I can actually have a faster, more decent pace!

Deciding: If I should study another language.  And also, WHICH language to take up.  Maybe you could suggest something?

Thinking: Of quitting blogging and social media altogether, but I love writing too much to do that.  Maybe I should start a new blog to write about random stuff.  Oh wait, according to a reader, my blog IS pretty random! :p

Feeling: A little bit excited but scared at the same time at the fact that I’ll be taking actual classes very soon.  This is it.  What I do can actually impact on these students’ future.  Yikes!!

Sorting: Out what to give away, throw out and keep from the previous house as the settlement day looms a lot closer.  I need to have them all sorted out before the final inspection and I wished there was some magic wand that I could wave and get things done in a flash!

Buying: Essentials I would need for work, next semester.  I’ve purchased some shirts, a pair of pants, some long sleeved tops to wear underneath dresses and a coat to keep me warm, all from stores that scored at least a B on the Fashion Report and at great prices.

Bookmarking: Websites that share information on what to do and where to eat in Tokyo.  Can’t wait to visit the place, later this year.
Disliking: Still disliking the treatment towards asylum seekers.  Sadly, two years on and we’re still in the same situation.  The elections are coming up and seriously, I don’t even like the leaders in either parties who seem to not have the balls to stand up and stuff popular public opinion.

Giggling: At some of the stuff I get to see on the snaps that people share on Snapchat.  Feel free to follow my mundane life!  Look for me under norlinm (what else!)
Feeling: Still feeling blessed because well, life could be a lot worse, even if my house still isn’t fully ready yet.

It was actually a lot tougher writing this post than it was two years ago.  I had to really think of what to share and I even skipped a few things because really, there was nothing to share under those headings.  That’s my life so far, in a nutshell.  What have YOU been up to?



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A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!

  • Hiya Norlin! Congrats on the new job!! I totally know how you feel… I’ve been feeling quite empty and no purpose ever since I finished studying too. I definitely need to find a new hobby soon..I thought about starting another blog too dedicated to food but then I can’t cook so I scrapped that idea haha.

    • Norlin says:

      Thanks Kerri. It’s not fully official yet until I sign the contract, so fingers crossed they will fall into place – SOON!!! So anxious!

      It’s sad isn’t it? Like why did we study again? And then realise, oh yes because… It’s just a matter of being employed, valued and doing what we love to do I guess.

      As for a new hobby, I’m seriously thinking of a language to learn. Just need to know which one!

  • […] (I have been looking for the right words and Norlin from Baubles Bubbles Bags came up with this post and I stole the term), I realise this is what I have been doing to take my mind of the […]

  • Melinda says:

    This is the second post like this I’ve read today 🙂 I must admit, the nosy side of me loves them! Why are you thinking about quitting blogging? You’d be missed! x

    • Norlin says:

      Hmm… I guess I’ve just been uninspired to write anything. Or rather anything related to beauty and styling. It’s like… What else is there to share? Do people really need to buy all those clothes? I mean seriously, how much does one really need? Maybe it’s me getting older and wanting to share other things in life instead?

      • Melinda says:

        I completely understand where you’re coming from. There’s nothing wrong with writing about beauty and style but if you’re not inspired to write about it, then how can you inspire others to read about it?

        Maybe a change of direction is what you need, in which I say, go for it! x

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