Tips For Healthier Skin

Tips For Healthier Skin

For this week’s beauty related post, I thought I’d go back to the basics and share some extremely simple to follow tips for healthier skin.  While you can spend exorbitant amount of money on expensive skincare, it’s usually the basic, everyday things that does help with keeping our skin healthy.

Tips For Healthier Skin

To make things even easier, I’ve even created an infographic with all the essential tips:

tips for healthier skin


  • Exercising regularly

Incorporating any sort of exercise, even incidental exercise like walking around the supermarket, doing chores, will help keep your body healthy.  Yes, retail therapy at the mall is also exercising 😉 . And we all know that a healthy body equates to healthy skin too.

The idea is to keep your body active and have a steady metabolic rate that can process the foods you eat, effectively therefore, maintaining the levels of oils and hydration for your body.

Aim at doing 30 mins of physical activity each day. 

  • Drink lots of water

Water will help flush any unwanted toxins out of your body and also keep you hydrated throughout the day.  Especially in the colder months, what you might think of as hunger is actually thirst.  Instead of reaching for food, try drinking a glass of water instead.

  • Eat healthy food

Having a healthy and balanced diet is essential not only for a healthy body but a healthier skin too.  Remember, you give out what you put in?  While you can of course indulge once in a while, try to keep processed food and sugary drinks at bay as research has shown that what you eat does affect your metabolic rate and in turn could cause your skin to produce more oils and/or become more dehydrated.

  • Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep will lead to not only a more tired mind and body but a lower immune system.  You’ll fall sick easily, feel dehydrated and you’ll find yourself reaching for fried, processed foods and those with lots of sugar.  Besides, getting enough sleep will also make you feel and look better too.

  • Have a good, basic skincare regime

Cleanse, moisturise and exfoliate, these are the three most important and basic steps to a good skincare regime.  While you can use all the lotions and potions that cost a whole boat load, it’s no use if you don’t at least do these three steps regularly.  For those with oily skin, try and keep exfoliation to once or twice a week, as exfoliating more often can actually cause more oils to reproduce.

Do apply sunscreen even during the colder months!  Just because it’s Winter, doesn’t mean the sun’s UV rays aren’t still there to hit on your skin.

See, told you there were really simple to follow tips.  Have you got any others that I might have missed out on?




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A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!

  • Melinda says:

    Love the tips + the infographic! Winter is so drying on my skin and it always takes me a bit to catch up with it, remembering to still drink enough water (easy to forget when it’s not hot!) and moisturise a little more.

    I also suffer from hormonal breakouts which is a killer. By the time my face clears, I have two good weeks and then it starts all over again!

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