I Am Watching, Loving, Adjusting

I Am Watching, Loving, Adjusting

Time sure flies doesn’t it, I mean, we’ve officially hit winter!  And it’s Wednesday too, which means it’s time for my I Am… segment.

This week on I Am… I share what I am watching and highly recommend, especially if you have kids, in fact even if you don’t have kids!  I am loving something that I accidentally discovered a few weeks ago when Chemist Warehouse had their 50% off big cosmetic brands sale and I am trying my best to adjust to a more “flexible” routine.

I Am Watching A Girl Like Her

I saw this doco-like film last week, when my sister was here for a holiday.  We were quite lazy to go anywhere and I thought, why not kill time and watch something on Netflix.

a girl like her

A Girl Like Her is a pseudo-documentary written and directed by Amy S. Weber, about 16 year old Jessica Burns, who has been bullied by another girl, her former friend Avery Keller, who also happened to be one of the popular girls in the school.  The film looks at the torment that Jessica faces each day, through a hidden camera, thanks to her best friend Brian.  It also deals with a tragedy and issues facing high school students and even teachers these days, when it comes to bullying.  I couldn’t help but be thankful that Miss 14 didn’t have a tragic ending to her year at her previous school.  As I watched the film I kept on thinking how Jessica could’ve been my own daughter.  I couldn’t imagine being in the same position as Jessica’s mum, waiting for her daughter to wake up, wondering IF she would wake up.  While Miss 14 didn’t face the exact type of bullying, it was still harrowing to see your daughter change before your eyes to someone you know isn’t her.

I think A Girl Like Her should be shown in schools, just to highlight how bullying can affect someone.  Just so teachers, and other students who might know what’s going on can be more aware of how they can deal with people whom they suspect are being bullied.  It’s a tear-jerker and while I do sympathise with Avery whose life wasn’t as picture perfect as her peers might think, I thought the ending was a little too neat and unrealistic.  I guess that’s not the point of the film, but still, it could’ve completed with a more believable ending.

I Am Loving Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm  

As I mentioned earlier, I chanced upon this lovely lip crayon (that’s what it is really), during Chemist Warehouse’s 50% off sales.  Well, I was actually there to get my flu shot but thought I should reward myself for the “pain” by checking out some makeup.  As you do. 😉

revlon matte balm

I first thought it was the original Colorburst Balm but, it was Miss 14 who alerted me to the fact that it’s their matte version.  Ooh… Matte version you say?  So she got one in “elusive”, which is a lovely, nudish pink while I bought myself the “passionate” a rich, sort of pinkish purple shade – a shade I always seem to pick on accident.  The colour is pretty intense and because I suspect it’s the same formula as their regular colorbust balm, it doesn’t dry out your lips!  A matte crayon that doesn’t dry out your lips?!  Now that’s what I like!  No wait, more like love.  So much so that I bought another shade, “sultry”, which is a “your lip but better” shade; perfect for everyday wear.

revlon matte balm swatches

Longevity-wise, the colour doesn’t last all day of course, especially after eating.  But it does leave a lovely stain, which is why you’d want to pick a colour that’s probably a bit brighter or darker to make it last the distance.

I Am Adjusting To Life As A Relief Teacher

Now that I’m registered with a few teaching agencies and a school I used to teach at, I have to adjust my mornings so that I’ll be ready to go if anyone calls me in to work that day.  That’s why they call it “emergency teaching”.  So now, it’s up at 6am (although I’m really up at 5:30am), pack lunches and snacks for the three stooges kids, eat breakfast, shower and then get dressed back in my PJs and await for a call until 8am, when I can actually decide WTH I’ll be doing that day.  Some days I’ll be hanging around until it’s time to send the kids to school, and depending on which days, I’ll either head to my Metafit class or go for a run afterwards.  If I’m lucky, one of the agencies will ring me and I’d have to rush out to my destination.  So far, I’ve only had calls for after school care.  Seriously?  No thanks.  I have my own kids to take care of after school!

That’s it for this week’s I Am… segment.  Tell me, what have you been up to this week?  Have you seen A Girl Like Her?  Have you tried Revlon’s Colorburst Matte Balm?  Are you a fan of matte lip colours?


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