I Am… Intrigued, Trying, Grateful

This has been an absolutely busy start for the week for me, it all started with a whole day spent at Miss 12’s netball tournament on Sunday, which then led to an emergency teaching call on Monday morning.  Then, it was my graduation on Monday night, followed by taking Miss 12 to get her knee checked out by my amazing physiotherapist on Tuesday, followed by grocery shopping, because if mummy doesn’t do it, nobody will.  And then Miss 14’s information night.  It was all systems go and no wonder I felt exhausted by the end of Tuesday.

Good thing, I’m on the mend – as in able to catch my breath – which allows me to share with you this week’s edition of I Am…

I am intrigued by Prince EA & the loss of human connection

Who?  What?  Well, I was introduced to this… I guess what we could call, a motivational rapper at last night’s information night, by Miss 14’s vice principal.  The video we were shown was about human connection and how because of phones and technology we’ve seemed to lost the basic way of communicating – face to face.  While his video was interestingly true, I thought there were some discrepancies in his observations.  I am an advocate of technology and of the camp that because of it, we could easily connect to people we otherwise wouldn’t have.  But, he does have a point.  There are some of us who have hundreds of friends on their Facebook friend list but in all honesty, only connect with 1/3 of that.  Myself included.  And then there’s his observation on how people are so concerned with how many followers or likers they have that they don’t bother acknowledging those that genuinely like them. So his message really is about moderation.  Never let technology control you because YOU are the master of your destiny.  You can make that choice to connect instead of being connected to your devices and ignoring what’s in front of you.

I am trying out Elucent’s Whitening range

I’ve had *Elucent’s whitening range for a while now, but only started using it this week.  The colder and drier weather has made my slightly drier even though I’ve got oily to combination skin.  This meant that I needed a slightly thicker moisturiser for my face.  While my night cream is currently working well, I needed to change my day cream.  Added to that, I wanted to try their spot corrector and see if they would indeed lighten the sun spots on my face, when used together.  Hopefully I’ll be able to see a difference in a few week’s time.

elucent whitening spot moisturiser

The spot corrector comes in a small tube and has a rather light consistency, while the day cream, which comes in a pump bottle, has a much thicker consistency.  They both have a slightly medicinal scent, which reminded me of traditional Chinese medicine. They both have emblica fruit extract, safflower seed oil and vitamins B3 and E.  The emblica is an anti-oxidant and helps to maintain an even skin tone, while the safflower seed oil helps increase cell turnover as well as brightens the skin.

I probably should use the night cream in conjunction with the day cream and spot corrector but really, I’m not a big believer of using the same range for my complete regime.  Maybe I’m weird but I use what feels right and works for my skin.

I am grateful for my family’s support

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, you would’ve seen me in my graduation gown on Monday night.  That’s right, finally had my graduation ceremony and hopefully I don’t get the itch to decide and do some research paper.  I think that’s it for me when it comes to my university studies.  Or maybe I shouldn’t say never because who knows what I’ll do in the future.


Anyway, I was going to write some heart rendering post thanking Mr. C and the kids for being there for me and believing in me.  But then I changed my mind.  Thing is, while I am very much grateful to my family for understanding how important it was for me to do something I’ve always wanted to do, I think I did deserve that chance.  I mean, while pursuing my dreams I haven’t forgotten or neglected either of them.  I’ve managed to juggle family, study and even blogging pretty well I’d say.  Yes, yes, sounds like I’m bragging but honestly?  I never brag about my accomplishments and I think that’s just silly of me not to.  I say WHY NOT!  I’ve never had people in my life believed in me, so this was indeed a big deal.  So big a deal that I wanted my family to be there – even though it was a long and late ceremony.  I wanted them to be a part of what I saw as important.  I wanted my kids to know that if I could do it, so could they.  And to show them that you might make some detours to get where you want to go, but eventually, you’ll get there.  I  wanted to be an inspiration so that one day, I could sit amongst the audience and see them up on stage receiving their degrees.

And that’s a wrap of this week’s I Am… segment.  What have you been up to this week?  Have you tried the Elucent whitening range?  And do you agree with Prince EA and his observations?


*Items were given for editorial consideration.  All comments are my own.



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