Tips To Shop Smarter For Your Wardrobe

Tips To Shop Smarter For Your Wardrobe

While the rush of knowing you’ve gotten a bargain can be satisfying, more often than not, we end up with items we either do not need, like or even wear in the end.  This then leads to us either holding on to that piece that clutters up our precious wardrobe space, and so more a waste of money than a good bargain find.

In this post, I’ll share some super simple and more often than not, tips that are really basic common sense when it comes to shopping for our wardrobe.  Sadly though, most of us (me included) seem to be clouded by the big SALE sign.  Hopefully by applying these tips, you would be able to curb that unnecessary spending habit.

Tips to Shop Smarter for your Wardrobe

  • Wardrobe cull

dresses on rack

Go through your wardrobe and cull what you know you won’t wear ever again.  Be ruthless with your culling, don’t hold on to something you love because it holds too many memories if you know that neither you nor anyone else in your home will be wearing that piece, EVER!  An example of this was the very first dress Mr. C bought me when I was… wait for it… 19!  It was a simple, peach skater dress.  I would still wear it if it wasn’t too short or small for me.  Neither of my daughters wanted it, so off to the donation stack it went.  Yes, I did keep it in my wardrobe for more than 10 years, due to this thing called nostalgia.

  • Fix, alter or ditch

While going through your wardrobe, find out what you can possibly alter and DO IT!  Fix what can be fixed – these are things like zippers and once again, do it immediately!

clothing alteration

For those that can’t be fixed, ditch it.  Not give it away because hello, if really cannot be fixed do you think someone else can wear it?

  • Keep track


Keeping track of what you actually wear couldn’t be easier than using this method.  If they are on hangers, make sure you turn the hangers of the ones you usually wear the other way round.  By the end of the month, you would know which pieces you wear more often.  You can then decide to keep or give away the ones that you haven’t been wearing.

  • Make a list

shopping list

Once you’ve culled your wardrobe, make a list of items you would NEED.  Check if you’ve got everything required that’s part of your capsule pieces.  List down what you’re missing from the capsule.

  • Keep your eye out for sales

clothing store

Once you’ve got your list, have a list of stores you know that carry these items.  You can go ahead and pay retail prices or wait for them to go on sale.  Sign up to the store’s newsletter, which usually would tell you when they do have a sale on.  I recently bought a shirt for work, long sleeved tops to replace the old worn out ones and leggings from Cotton On, who were having 30% off online, thanks to the newsletter that announced their specials.  I already had these items on my list, and it just so happened there was a sale to fulfill my needs.  This also means I could keep track of what I was spending my money on.

  • Look for other avenues

Besides online and/or bricks and mortar stores, do look out for items you need in Op shops, or even groups and forums that would sell second hand items that are in tiptop condition.  I recently bought a French Connection long wool coat from a Facebook buy, swap and sell group for only $50.  The item was still in great condition, would suit my style perfectly and fab for the new job I’ll be wearing it to!  I just need to send it for dry cleaning because I can still smell the last owner’s perfume on it.

  • Sometimes you need to make a long term investment

Yes, I know it’s just clothes, but you CAN, if you’re lucky have an item for years, and more often than not, these are rather expensive items.  If you know the quality of something is worth spending money on.  If they are classic style pieces like coats, blazers and shoes, sometimes you need to spend more for them to last the distance.  I’ve had a few pairs of boots for years now and I do wear them on rotation.  Other “investments” include my leather jacket and some classic black dresses.

While these tips might seem easy, let me tell you how tricky it is to keep yourself from taking out that credit card each time you see a sale.  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I had that problem.  Because when you look at it, how many items do you really need in your wardrobe??





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