I Am… Watching, Listening To & Changing My Habits

I Am… Watching, Listening To & Changing My Habits

I have to admit that this has been a week of revelations for me, which in turn has influenced what I am sharing on this week’s segment of I Am…

I am watching documentaries

the true cost

Specifically two documentaries that have really affected me.  First it’s the doco The True Cost, where we have filmmakers, Andrew Morgan, Michael Ross, Lucy Siegle and Livia Firth examine the fashion industry.  Namely fast fashion.  It not only looks at the environmental cost, but more importantly, human cost of the fashion industry.  I would encourage you to watch this doco too, you can access this on Netflix or iTunes.

Because of this documentary, I’ve decided to be even more mindful about my shopping habits.  Instead of simply buying something because it’s on sale, I have to truly assess if I actually NEED it.  The line that resonated with me in the doco was how we’re often made to feel like we’re richer or smarter because we’ve bought something at a low cost, but really, we’re spending more and not getting any richer really.  Plus the cost associated with buying that one garment we want because it’s on sale, or on trend, is usually far too high than simple dollars and cents.


The other documentary that I recently watched was The Hunting Ground. It covers the disturbing incidence of sexual assault on college campuses in the United States and what’s worse; the cover ups by administration.  This is a story from the survivors’ perspective and I believe is especially interesting to see how rampant the rape culture is.  Victim blaming seems to be the common thread and sadly, because sport and fraternities contributes to the success of a college, more often than not, the perpetrator usually either gets a slap on the wrist or nothing at all.  While the outcomes in most cases are astoundingly disappointing, I’m amazed at the strength and determination the survivors managed to garner and then worked towards getting justice as well as spreading awareness of this “epidemic”.  Needless to say, I’ve had a rather eye opening week thanks to these documentaries.

I am listening to Bowraville Murders Podcast

bowraville murders


From one serious matter to another and this time it’s the podcast hosted by The Australian on the unsolved Bowraville murders that happened 25 years ago.  Three indigenous children disappeared from a small Australian town,  and only to 2 found dead, while one is still missing.  The podcast covers the murders, the suspect, the area and situation in that area, especially between blacks and whites, police and the indigenous that live in the area.  I’m now halfway through episode 3 and about to embark on episode 4 – The Trials.  Once again, this is a dark subject matter but so essential for us to learn about.

I am changing my purchasing habits

While I’ve never been so much a “it’s on trend so I must buy it”, type of girl, I have to admit that sadly, I have more often than not succumbed to the chase of getting my hands on something because it’s on sale.  Sure I do wear the pieces I purchase but I think from late last year through to recently, I’ve begun to re-assess how I make my purchases.  Thanks to moving house and having to cull my wardrobe, I know what I do and do not need.  My spending has been a lot more thoughtful too ever since the release of the fashion report by the Baptist World Aid Australia on how the different clothing brands fared – let me tell you, it has been a challenge to only stick to places that fared nothing less than a B!  After watching The True Cost, I’m even a lot more mindful of what I purchase and my hip pocket thanks me for that.  I now truly only purchase something I would need and even then at discounted prices from places that have rated well.  It’s not easy, but we’ve all got to start somewhere.




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  • Melinda says:

    Definitely going to watch The True Cost. It sounds great!

    I used to be such a spender, especially when it came to ‘fast fashion’ but am so much more conscious these days (moving definitely makes you reevaluate how much ‘stuff’ you have)

    • Norlin says:

      So great to hear that you’re much more conscious of what you’re purchasing these days. I guess the lure of “affordable” fashion seems to call out to us. You’ll definitely need to check out The True Cost. Mind blowing.

  • Adeline says:

    I have started to incorporate minimalism (luxury) lifestyle (thanks to all the podcasts out there) and started to become more conscious of my purchases! I used to buy stuff because they are “cheap” and ended up cluttering up my space! But now, I buy less but more quality stuff!

    • Norlin says:

      So glad to hear that you’ve minimalised your spending on unnecessary things too! In all honesty, I’d rather spend my money on delicious food than clothes that I have no need for.

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