Theatre: Paper @ The Owl and Cat Theatre

Theatre: Paper @ The Owl and Cat Theatre

Just opposite Richmond station over in well… Richmond, is a little place that you would never guess, that houses an independent theatre.  A theatre cum bar known as The Owl and Cat Theatre.  Managed by Thomas Ian Doyle and Gabrielle Savrone, you could easily miss the place if you didn’t venture down their side entrance.  The Alley.


Image: Ben Huppert

More about the theatre in another post because I’m here to share a little bit more about their most recent production; Paper.

Paper @ The Owl and Cat Theatre

Written by Thomas, the story centres around a Melbourne newspaper – The Melbourne Times – who are sadly, loosing their readership to a rival newspaper.  The goal?  To bring down their rival with a scandal that could break their competition and bring them up to where they feel they should be.

The cast of five; The editor Alix, the journos, Sandy and Lake, the photographer, Nathan and the “plan”, Brenner, all set out to put the plan in motion.  What would seem rather easy to achieve actually turns out to be messier than expected. There are twists, emotional turmoil, and the question of morality, making you wonder, if the end justified the means.

Alix and Sandy

Image: Ben Huppert

The proximity of the audience to the actors meant that you could easily feel the vibe of the play, getting in up close and personal to the action.  The standout performances for me were Brayden Lewtas who played Nathan and Maximillian Johnson who played Brenner; the lovers caught in a deceitful situation.  I could feel the emotional tension and I even felt a little uneasy by their affection, as if I was intruding on their rather private moments.  They were that good!  And yes, it did leave me a little teary towards the end.

nathan brenner

Image: Ben Huppert

The play ends TONIGHT, so be sure to purchase your tickets over here STAT.  It’s a great way to support independent theatre and experience it up close and personal.  The Owl and Cat Theatre will be running a new production, Gina Femia’s The Violet Sisters from the 17th to the 27th May 2016, so be sure to book your tickets for that too!


The Owl & Cat Theatre

34 Swan Street


Tel: 0477 888 820


*I was invited to the VIP night of Paper.  All comments are my own.




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