What I Wore To the Holden Mother’s Day Event

What I Wore To the Holden Mother’s Day Event

If you were following me on my Instagram and Facebook page last Friday, you would’ve seen me in a convertible, somewhere over at some winery.  Thanks to the people at Holden and Kids Business, along with a few other bloggers and four other lucky Holden employees, I got to check out and drive (more like just riding for me) in two of their cars to experience a Mother’s Day event over at Oakridge Wines in the Yarra Valley.

There were three different ranges on offer for us to pick from and drive to the winery: Captiva, Trax and Cascada.  I partnered up with Joyce from Mel: Hot or Not and hopped into the Trax to begin our little adventure.  Thanks again Joyce for driving there, or we might not have made it with me behind the wheel – as in I might have taken her somewhere other than our specified destination.

Over an hour later, we managed to reach our destination and were carted right through to the cellar door.  There, we were treated to a little pickling demonstration by chef Matt Stone.  Who would’ve thought that making Kim Chi would be THAT easy!

Alison Holden making kim chi

Alison from Holden who got right down to mixing up the Kim Chi for us

What I Wore

With Melbourne’s ever unpredictable weather forecast, I had to be smart with what I chose to wear to the winery.  I really wanted to wear a dress, but at the same time be kept warm and be able to just shed off any unwanted layers when the weather gets a bit warmer.

I chose this dress by Tokito that I had bought on sale from Myer earlier this year.  It’s a sleeveless skater style dress in a comfortable polyester fabric.  You can’t really see it in the photo but the dress features black and navy stripes at the top and then blocks of navy and soft pink stripes on the hemline.  The downside to this fabric is the fact that it pills.  Yes, sad but true.  Might have to find out how to prevent that from happening as I really love this dress!  I also wore a long sleeved tee from Uniqlo underneath the dress to keep myself warm.

standing by the captiva

To finish off my look, I added my favourite biker style jacket I’ve had for a few years now and a pair of my favourite boots with black tights.  I knew I needed to wear something comfortable where footwear was concerned and at the same time on point with this outfit.

Delectable Lunch

We were also treated to some delicious lunch, where I chose to go with the Angus Beef served with king beans, radish and pepperberry.  It was a dry event considering we were going to be driving back to the city, so I paired my main with some refreshing iced tea.

angus beef

Back in Style

Going back to the city, we were encouraged to pick a car we haven’t already ridden or driven in.  Joyce, Kate, Alys and I picked the stylish Cascada; a convertible to ride back in.  Top down, wind in our hair, we were feeling the vibes of a woman who dares to run free… That was until about 10 minutes later when reality; or more like the super strong winds hit us, that we decided that was enough fun, and put the top back up!  I couldn’t imagine driving on the highway at a speed limit of 100km/hr and having my hair flap all over my face.  It was nice while it lasted though!  I was also pleasantly surprised that the compact car fitted the four of us comfortably – even those sitting in the backseat.

holden cascada

Overall I thought it was a rather exciting experience.  Driving up to the unknown – because I had never been to Oakridge Wines or to the Yarra Valley region before – learning a little bit about pickling from a chef, a lovely lunch with some lovely ladies, and the wonderful weather we had that day too!  Oh and the unforgettable, possibly once only ever experience of riding in a convertible.

holden gifts


Have you been to the Yarra Valley regions before? What about Oakridge Winery?  And… Convertibles – love it or hate it? 






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