I Am… Watching, Back At It, Blessed & Having Fun

I Am… Watching, Back At It, Blessed & Having Fun

Somehow being able to blog, juggle work and family just wasn’t on the agenda last week, hence the lack of posts.  I’m sort of back this week because I think NAPLAN has meant that they don’t need replacement teachers.  Or, the teachers actually felt good enough to go back to work (damn it!).  I’m taking this as my week to recover, exercise and yes… Catch up on housework duties.

This week’s I Am… segment shares a reality show I’ve been watching (don’t judge me!), something that has seen me back doing, why I am so blessed and what I am having fun with.

I am watching Dating Naked

Told you not to judge me!  But yes, feel free to laugh because in all honesty, I do find the U.S version by VH1 actually pretty interesting.  No you can’t really see their naked bits because they’re all blurred out, but imagine being on some kind of an island (I’m guessing it’s an island), and having to date people… NAKED!  GAH!


Season 2 features a guy and girl, Chris and Kerri, who are to date people and “keep” the one they like on the island until two new dates, each are introduced the next week.  And like the title says, they go on dates without wearing any clothes on. The idea is to be stripped bare of anything.  To be real.  Warts and all for you to be well, judged on your connection with the two contestants.  The twist last night was that Kerri has fallen for Chris.  She’s hoping that Chris will drop the other contenders and pick her.  I’ve got my favourites of course when it comes to the girls that Chris chooses, but he always keeps this Fallon chick!  URGH!  She is so high maintenance and insecure, always putting down the other contenders behind their backs.  Is he dumb???

Next week will be a lot more interesting I hope.  Maybe Chris will finally realise how manipulative Fallon is.  Not sure what I’m on about?  Like I said, you need to watch it to get where I’m coming from.

I am back at it

As in running again.  Thankfully my left leg has gotten a lot better.  Lots of stretching before AND after my exercises to help lessen any chances of injuries again.  Maybe my body did need some kind of rest.  Now, my goal is to increase my distance from the pathetic 4km I’ve been doing lately.

running goals

So far today, I ran then walked against the wind for about 1.6km, then ran the rest of the way for about 5.2km – that’s the furthest I’ve ever gone since my injury.  I’m not going to quicken my pace because that isn’t my ultimate goal.  I’m happy to keep to my pace of 7:30 min/km as long as I get to run up to 10km for now and then as I build up my distance to hit the 1/2 marathon distance.  It sure feels good to be back at it again.  Sometimes we tend to take for granted things we do all the time.  Simple things like running, or walking even that we think could not be hindered by unforeseeable circumstances.

If you’re intending to start running, here are some tips that might get you started:

  • Set a goal – this could be a distance you want covered, a pace you would like to achieve, or even if it’s not to stop for a walk throughout the run, but be realistic.  Know your body and what you’re capable of before pushing yourself to the next level.
  • Invest in a good pair of running shoes – I’ve mentioned this in a previous post on running.  Getting your feet fitted is one of the most important things ever.  You want to be comfortable and this also avoids any unnecessary injuries.
  • Cut your toenails – seems like such a simple thing but you’d be surprised how many run with toenails that are a bit too long to be comfortable.  Maybe it’s just me?  But seriously, keep them short.
  • Do a pee and a poo – These two tips are ESSENTIAL in my books.  I’ve discussed this with my blogging and running pals, Geek and Tine and we all agree that running before going to the toilet is a big no-no.  You’ll feel more comfortable if you do, instead of struggling to keep it all in WHILE running!
  • Good headphones/earphones – I don’t know about you, but I’m team headphones because it can get very windy where I usually run and wearing earphones just hurts my ears.  This is optional of course for those of you who prefer to run without music or listening to a podcast.  I am someone who needs to listen to some music for some motivation.

Those were some of my tips if you’re ever so inclined to start running.

I am blessed

To have my family, my kids and Mr. C that is.  Coming from a family where I was left to my own devices most if not all of the time, where there were high expectations but null in terms of support, I wanted to raise a different sort of family.  I wanted my kids to be able to come to me anytime and share anything – good or bad.  And you know what?  They do!  I’ve heard of kids who are embarrassed of their parents (ok, I was when I was a teenager), but surprisingly my kids aren’t.  Maybe not yet, but hey, I’m going to bask in all this love and attention from them until they do find me embarrassing.  So yes, I am so blessed to have a good family.  I love them to bits even when they piss me off at times.


Goodness knows it’s a challenge being a parent, and while I’ve struggled at times, I have to admit that it’s a journey that was worth every single challenge.

I am having fun with Musical.ly

Say what?  Wondering what this app is all about?  Musical.ly is where you can record yourself lip syncing to some songs, or even lines.  With actions.  Or something like that.  Don’t laugh but yes, I’ve succumbed to this sad, sad, sad app.


I, the person who was making fun of my 12 year old have finally started my own account and even recorded a few videos.  And no.  You won’t get to see them because they’re on private.  It’s just too embarrassing to share with anyone at all!


Have you watched Dating Naked before?  What about Musical.ly?  Are you on it too?  Share your week with me!  I would love to hear all about it. 




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