I Am Loving, Not Too Sure About, Critical Of

I Am Loving, Not Too Sure About, Critical Of

I have a little confession to make… I have been feeling a little unmotivated lately.  Unmotivated to write because I have nothing that’s worth sharing, hence the lack of posts last week.  I’d rather not share anything than writing for the sake of it.  I could blame it on my PMS (last week), sheer laziness or really just… Lack of interest and really, I don’t want to insult your intelligence by churning out crap to fill in this space.

Thankfully though, I do have something to share on this week’s I Am… segment.  Almost didn’t, but I do!

I am loving Allegiant Part I

I shared this fact on this week’s “Weekly Catch Ups” – that’s my weekly newsletters by the way and you can sign up here if you haven’t already – of how impressed I was with the latest installment of the Divergent series.  While I did LOVE the books, the films have been rather alright – not fabulous but okay.  Allegiant though, completely blew my mind.  The director definitely had a much better vision of what “the other side” looked like, compared to my own imagination.  Mine was sadly, rather simplistic.


Critics have said that there was way too much CGI, but I think in this case, it was warranted.  The way the buildings were depicted, the drones, the fringe, were just out of this world.  Granted I can’t really recall the version of the book to its full extent, so I can’t really say if it was true to the book, but visually, I’d say it was pretty amazing.  Not mind blowing but it was definitely much better than what I had imagined.  Sure some of the scenes felt a little rushed, and not filled with too much emotion unlike the book, but then again, I wasn’t expecting it to and who knows?  Maybe they’re planning on a more emotional ending with Part II?

I am not too sure about *Frank Body’s Body Scrub

Last week I shared that I was trying out Frank Body’s body balm and promised to share my thoughts on their *body scrub.  First, let me tell you what the scrub is made out of:

frank body scrub

  • roasted and ground robusta coffee blend – helps to target cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne and scarring.
  • brown sugar and sea salt – cleanse and clarify
  • cold-pressed almond oil – promotes healing
  • orange oil
  • Vitamin E
  • natural fragrance

frank body scrub ingredients

frank body scrub ingredients list

My initial reaction to the scrub was – coffee grounds? So what’s the big deal?  That didn’t stop me from trying it out though.  Ever the little guinea pig.

It did feel a little rough on the skin though, so I had to gently rub it onto my skin or risk scratching it.  It did leave a mess in my shower though, which made it rather cumbersome but I did like the feel of my skin once I’ve rinsed the concoction off.  Scent wise, it smelled a little like mint mocha coffee.  So I didn’t really mind that.

The body scrub comes in a 200g paper satchel lined with I think foil on the inside.  You can also zip up the bag and store the rest of the scrub until you next use it.  At $14.95, I think it’s a pretty decent price for something that is robust, natural and well, Australian made and owned.  You also only need a small handful for your whole body, so I guess it’s pretty good value for money.  I however, am not too keen on the mess it makes whenever I use it, nor am I loving how rough it feels on my skin, which is why I’m still on the fence with this product.

I am critical of Married at First Sight

While I totally get that Channel 9’s Married at First Sight was quite possibly designed purely for entertainment and maybe some of the participants were in it for the fun of it, I still found the whole concept such an insult to the sanctity of marriage.  For those of you who haven’t already been exposed to this ludicrous albeit entertaining experiment, Married at First Sight is where psychologists match couples together according to their personalities and they have to get “married” (it’s not a real marriage but more like living together) for I think twenty days?  This is where they get to know each other, and sometimes even end up liking each other.  If it doesn’t work out, they can leave and not continue on after the show.  Wow… Really?  Is that what marriage is about?

Last season saw one couple actually making it in real life.  They were the success story.  Everyone else?  Well, not so much.  In both seasons, they had a couple who were separated by distance – as in a HUGE distance – country vs city type of distance.  Their rationale?  That couples who are willing to give their relationship a go will make sacrifices, work things out to make it work.  The thing is, in real life, we have that choice to fall for someone or not when we find out that person is maybe too far away.  Ok maybe not make a choice to fall for them, but more a choice to either invest in the relationship or not.  In this case, it’s putting the couple together, having them fall in love and then making them realise – hang on… this might be too difficult to work out.  The psychologists should have put into perspective if either could actually move into the other’s area without too much hassle.  For instance find out if they could easily move their job out there, or if the commute is easy enough.  Why put people in such a situation if there were no viable solutions?  What a waste of time and energy and not to mention harrowing for the couple.

That’s it from me today.  Have you seen Allegiant?  Are you a fan of the Divergent series too?  Have you read the book?  What about body scrubs?  Which has been your favourite one so far?  And finally Married at First Sight?  What are your thoughts on that show? 

*Product was given for editorial consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy. 




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