All About Cushion Foundations

All About Cushion Foundations

First it was the BB cream, then came the CC cream… And I’ve probably missed a few in between.  Now, it’s cushion foundations.  I first heard about it through Ling from Ling Out Loud and Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous.  They were discussing the release of Lancome’s new cushion foundation some time last year.  My reaction?  “What’s that?”  You see, unless I get sent a press release, or read something on a beauty blogger’s post, I don’t usually know what’s new.  Unless of course I happen to be out and about in Priceline or Myer or any of the stores that sell beauty products.  Cue my curiosity over this new phenomenon.  Ok, maybe not so much a phenomenon but more well, a beauty item.

I started looking up online trying to see what the fuss was all about.  Started by the Korean beauty industry (surprise, surprise!), cushion foundation is really, foundation in a compact.  Not the regular powder foundation, but more liquid foundation in a compact.  Now brands like L’Oreal, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Dior and quite possibly many others, have their own versions of the cushion foundation.  Personally, I’ve only tried two so far.  My first one being from Laneige and a more recent purchase from L’Oreal.

Anatomy of a cushion foundation

The cushion foundation, comes in a compact and is divided into two compartments; the top where you would normally have the puff and at the bottom, where the “magic” begins.  This is where the foundation is stored, in a sponge cushion.

laneige puff cushion foundation

laneige cushion foundation

How to use a cushion foundation

Just like you would a powder foundation, you use the puff provided.  From the two cushion foundations I’ve tried so far, I noticed that the puff is different from what you would find in a powder compact.

using sponge cushion foundation

The puff is thinner, softer and spongier.  To use the foundation, you would need to push the puff onto the sponge – that’s how the foundation is released.  While some choose to apply by wiping it onto the skin, I prefer to dab it onto my skin.

Cushion foundation finish

Having only tried two so far, I have found that the foundation gives a rather dewy finish.  Great if you have dry skin, but for those with oily skin like mine, I would suggest using this during the cooler and drier months.  If not, then you’d need to apply a layer of loose powder just to set the foundation.  The foundation also does not give much cover but it does help to even out the skin tone.  At least the ones I’ve tried so far has helped in that sense.

Cushion foundation – Yay or Nay? 

Now, this is rather tricky and really up to each individual’s preference.  In my opinion, the cushion foundation is great for general everyday wear.  For those who are looking for a light coverage – because that’s what it seems to do.  Even when you apply more on top of it, the foundation seems to give not as thick a cover as you would when you use a regular liquid foundation.

It’s great for those looking for a light dewy finish but steer clear when it’s hot and humid.  The cushion foundation is also fabulous tool for touch ups – again, don’t expect any major covering up here – as it’s compact and easy to carry around.

That’s the basic run down of what a cushion foundation really is.  Check out Tine’s review of the IOPE cushion foundation where she shares a bit more about a cushion foundation is, and if you’re after the low down on which cushion foundation stacks up, then be sure to read Paris B’s review of the different non-Asian brands of cushion foundation she has tried and tested.

Stay tuned next week, where I show you how the L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation stacks up on my skin, for this super easy everyday look I’ve been rocking whenever I do bother to wear some makeup.

Have you tried any cushion foundations or is this a new thing for you too?  What do you think of having foundation soaked in sponge that comes in a compact?  Would you dare try it? 




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  • Wow, I had no idea this existed! I am not so sure it would be for me, but it’s great to know what’s out there!

    • Norlin says:

      It does take a little getting used to. I do use it on occasion and it’s pretty easy to use. The downside is the “dewy” look can end up looking oily. And it’s difficult to test out the shade because the tester compacts in Priceline looked disgusting. So I winged it.

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