I Am Watching, Trying, Loving & Annoyed With

I Am Watching, Trying, Loving & Annoyed With

What is it about this week that’s making me so unmotivated to do absolutely anything?  Correction, Monday was productive, as I managed to publish a post, tackle Mount Washmore and even did a short 3.4km run!  Tuesday was a bust, as I had to wait ALL DAY for the furniture to be delivered.  They didn’t even bother to text, email or ring to let us know what time I would expect them to arrive until I rang them, and what was expected to be between 1 – 5pm turned out to be 6:30pm.  A whole day wasted where I couldn’t start on anything in case they turned up.  You know what I mean?  And today, was just too hot to do much – 28 degrees here in Melbourne.  Can you believe that?!  Anyway, back to this week’s I Am segment.

I am watching Scrotal Recall

scrotal recall

Smart title right?  I’ve actually just completed watching the series yesterday – I guess that’s ONE good thing that happened yesterday.  Screened on Netflix, Scrotal Recall is a British sitcom that centres around Dylan, who had just found out that he had contracted chlamydia, which in turn led him to contacting every single girl he has ever had sex with.  Each episode shares how he met and ended up sleeping with them, and unlike his flatmate and best friend Luke, , who is a complete man whore, Dylan is actually a really nice guy whose only wish was to be in a relationship.  Scrotal Recall is highly entertaining – much like any other British comedy really – and you could easily get hooked in from episode 1, trying to find out how he ended up sleeping with so many girls!  It’s not so much about revealing who he contracted the STD from, but more about a little unrequited love; about looking for love in all the wrong places.

*I am trying Frank Body’s Body Balm 

frank body body balm

With the cold and drier weather looming in the horizon (ok. I know… WHERE is the cooler weather??), I would usually switch up my body lotion to something stronger, usually coconut oil.  The downside to that is that… Warning TMI… I would often get an oil patch on the cups of my bra after applying that on my legs.  That’s from leaning onto my thighs while I apply the oil on my calves.  So, it’s great when I can find an alternative that won’t leave marks and still does the same job.  The answer to that is?  Body balms!  Much like lip balms but for your body (duh!).  The irony is that there’s actually coconut oil in *Frank Body’s body balm (rrp$24.95), but because it’s in balm form, it thankfully absorbs far quicker than an oil would.  Unless of course you were using a dry oil – that’s a whole different story.

Other ingredients include grape seed and sweet almond oils, which are also fabulous for your skin, coffee Arabica seed oil, which helps stimulate blood flow, therefore targeting cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema and acne and beeswax to protect the skin from elements.  I loved the non-greasy formula and how quickly the product absorbs onto my skin.  Currently I only use it whenever I shave my legs as it can get pretty dry after shaving.  The body balm has a lovely citrus scent, making it a rather fresh addition to your skin.  While you can use this on its own, it’s usually best to use in conjunction with their range of scrubs – but more on that next week!

I am loving Snapchat!

snapchat norlinm

For those of you still wondering what in the world IS Snapchat – in short, you share snaps on this app – it could be photos, videos, and you can even have a private chat on there with your friend, meaning the person that you follow and follows you back.  Although I think you can still chat with those who haven’t added you but isn’t on private.  I’m still learning this.  Sorry.  The thing I LOVE about it is how raw what you share on there is.  If you want to see me in my rawest form, that’s the platform to check me out in.  My username is norlinm, just like my Twitter and Instagram account, I like to keep it consistent.

I’ve shared my face with the different fun filters – just because it’s fun.  I’ve ranted about my furniture delivery being late.  My grocery shopping.  You know the mundane but absolutely real stuff?  Not like what’s on here isn’t real but it’s usually uncensored on my Snapchat account.  And the best thing is?  It “vanishes” after 24 hours if I share something on my own feed or immediately if it’s sent through a private chat.  If someone downloads your snap, you can be sure that I would find out.  How awesome is that??!!

I am annoyed with Kyle & Jackie O’s “prank”

Honestly, I don’t usually listen to them.  In fact I cannot stand these two.  Especially Kyle Sandilands.  I just find them both thoroughly annoying, but on Monday evening I had my car radio set on KIIS FM while driving Miss 12 home from her netball training.  I was listening to Hughesy and Kate’s show earlier and had left it on that dial.  Anyway, it so happened that Jackie was playing a prank on these two fish and chip shops.  Ringing one and ordering and then putting that one on hold and ringing another only to put them on hold and then making the two talk to each other, thinking one is ordering from the other.  It’s a bit confusing I know, but basically making one shop thinking the other was a customer and vice versa.

What pissed me off was the fact that while the show might have thought it funny, imagine being the businesses who were probably busy around that time, and having to handle stupid prank calls like these.  Prank calls are just not funny anymore people.  They really aren’t.  Bored?  Find something else to do.  Try and produce something original instead of playing stupid pranks on businesses.  These are just that – businesses!  Remember the duo who prank called a hospital in London after Kate Middleton had her baby and got the nurse on duty into trouble?  Not so funny in the end wasn’t it?

That’s it for this week’s I Am… Have you seen Scrotal Recall?  What do you normally use on your body during the colder and drier months?  Are you on Snapchat?  And do prank calls annoy you too? 


*Item was given for editorial consideration.



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  • Mel says:

    I’m surprised you’re into Snap chat! Maybe I should get back into it. It was a bit too much constant checking + work for me ?

    • Norlin says:

      Ha! I didn’t expect to be so into Snapchat either Mel! I don’t always check it. Well, when I’m bored I will and it’s quick. So it’s more a fun thing than feeling like it’s work.

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