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So very glad that the school term break is over and now it’s back to normal programming!  This week’s I Am segment has a few things that I am loving, what I’ve been listening to, watching and am so thrilled about.

I am listening to Gnash

Currently playing Gnash’s latest album Us on repeat at my home.  I first heard the “I hate you, I love you” song during my MRI for my leg.  The voices just hit me as I laid there waiting for the whole thing to end.  I immediately went on to Spotify to check out what his other songs were like.  AMAZING!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I am no music connoisseur so I cannot tell you what genre it is but I am so in love with this album and the various collaborations he’s done with singers… Well, singers I don’t even know but have amazing voices too.  Very indie.  I think.

I am loving Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off and Maybelline’s Brow Drama

I think it’s all about the eyes this time round.  Not like I had planned it to be, but I just realised this as I was typing this up!  I bought ^Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off when they had their $29 special in February, to celebrate Leap Year.  Smart move Benefit!  There was no intention for me to drop into Myer just to get something from Benefit, but Miss 14 sent me a text begging me to get her the ^Roller Lash mascara from the money she recently earned.  Off I went and bought myself the Roller Lash too and thought, hmm… Maybe I should try out the Puff Off too?

benefit puff off

What’s Puff Off?  It’s an eye gel that promises to help relief tired, puffy eyes.  It comes in a peach coloured tube with a really cute applicator that’s been designed into the shape of an iron.  Much like, ironing off your puffiness I guess?  The tip is cooling when it hits the skin, and so is the eye gel, which by the way is in a peach shade and dries instantly.

Does it work?  Well, it does give your under eye area that nice cool feeling when you apply, thanks to the tip, but the gel itself does have some sort of a tingling, tightening effect as well.  So I guess it does work in a way?

Next up is ^Maybelline’s Brow Drama, something I’ve been wanting to try and nabbed that chance when Priceline had its 40% off cosmetics last week.  In case you don’t already know though, it’s now 30% off at Priceline and 50% off at Coles – so you know what to do right? 😉 .

maybelline brow drama

brow drama brush

Anyway, if you’re wondering what Brow Drama is, basically it acts like a mascara for your eyebrows.  Sounds weird?  Ok, so it’s more like a brow gel with a tint.  Now does that sound a bit better?  It instantly darkens your eyebrows to give it better definition and is cheaper than the one from Benefit, which I also love by the way.  I do like the specially designed spool but it can get a bit tricky when I’m applying near the thinner bits of my eyebrows.  Nothing too dramatic but you do need to be wary not to accidentally get the gel on areas you don’t need of course.  I bought the dark brown, which works perfectly well for me.


 I am watching Korean dramas on Netflix


I think I need to be banned from going on Netflix because I am now addicted to watching Korean dramas.  Currently, I’m watching Padam Padam, you know, like the sound of your beating heart?  This series is about a guy who has been in prison for 16 years, for a crime he did not commit.  Each episode sort of reveals how he got framed, who the main players are and of course, a chance meeting with the girl he was destined to be with – you didn’t think that they’d skip anything to do with romance now did you?  Anyway, there’s also a supernatural element to all of this where he gets a few miracles, or in his case, chances where he could change the outcome of his life.  An intriguing story and a good look at how society in general would treat a person once they realise he’s an ex-convict.  I’m on episode 5 right now, but I’m going to have to slow down or else I’ll run the risk of using up my data.

I am thrilled that I won’t need surgery!

Finally after weeks of wondering what is going on with my left leg, I have received some excellent news.  After that boring time doing an MRI on my leg, the results are finally in!  There are no tears to my knee and I won’t need any sort of surgery.  It was more a bruise on my tendon, which means I either go and get myself a corticosteriod in the affected area to elevate the pain and swelling or wait about 6 weeks since the injury.  In my case, it has already been over 8 weeks or so and now I have to slowly get back to running.  And by slow I mean slow pace and very short distance – 3km at the most.  I guess it’s better than nothing, and I can still build it up slowly.

Have you tried the two products I’m loving at the moment?  What about shows on Netflix?  What do you normally watch?  Have you heard the song from Gnash?  

^Denotes affiliate links, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you. 



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