Japanese “Tapas” – Gyoza Gyoza

Japanese “Tapas” – Gyoza Gyoza

If you’re a fan of sharing small platters of food, much like the Spanish style tapas, and love the simple taste of Japanese cuisine, then I’d like to introduce you to Gyoza Gyoza.  It’s an Izakaya style bar, which according to Wikipedia is a type of Japanese “gastropub”, best for casual after-work drinking.

I actually chanced upon this place sometime in January, before the new school year started.  It was still the school holidays and I was out with the kids over at Chadstone.  We were starving but wanted something, quick, simple and something we all would enjoy eating.  Cue, Gyoza Gyoza, which had over 80 different tapas style dishes to choose from and each at only $6.80 each!  In all honesty, it was the price that got me in there 😉 .

Gyoza Gyoza

There are two branches in Melbourne, one in the city and the other in Chadstone, where we had ours.  It was a rather small and cosy space, with seating on the inside and outside.  We chose to sit inside of course as it was a bit warm that day.

Gyoza Gyoza also had an impressive range of drinks, like matcha milkshake, which the girls had, I can’t recall what Master 10 chose but I had this drink that tasted so much like a splice ice cream!  And I don’t usually drink soft drink so that was a huge treat for me.

gyoza gyoza drink

We had about 7 different dishes to share between the four of us and while it came in small plates, they were actually quite filling for us. Out of the 80 different dishes to choose from we had the:

  • gyoza
  • takoyaki – deep fried octopus shaped into balls with mayo

gyoza octopus balls

  • ebi karage – deep fried school of prawns served with a side of mayo

gyoza ebi karage

  • soft shell crab salad

gyoza soft shell crab

  • beef ribs

gyoza beef ribs

  • Japanese pancake

gyoza seafood pancake

  • yasai tempura – deep fried assorted vegetables in crispy batter

gyoza gyoza tempura

We also ordered one small bowl of rice to complement the dishes we ordered.

While the food was great and the atmosphere was rather nice and cosy, what failed for me was how slow the service was.  I think they just lacked staff during the busy lunch time periods.  The food did come out all once and tasted fresh and amazing.  The staff were very friendly and accommodating, and the kids and I loved the food we had.

This is definitely a great venue for casual meet ups, especially if you have lots of time to spare, all because of how slow the service is.  I’ve brought Mr. C here on one of our date nights and even had a meet up with Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous that one time.  It’s a place for when you don’t feel like eating too much but need something that is satisfying and if you ever get a chance to try out the place, be sure to give their specialty drinks a go!


Gyoza Gyoza

F30A Chadstone Shopping Centre

(Next to Papa Rich)

Have you tried Gyoza Gyoza before?  Are you a fan of tapas style food?  Where have you tried before, besides the traditional Spanish tapas? 




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