Wardrobe Essentials: The Trench Coat

Wardrobe Essentials: The Trench Coat

I shared the dresses you should have as part of your capsule previously, and on Wednesday I confessed that due to my full wardrobe, I will not be purchasing anything I don’t need.  Only the essentials.

Part of the wardrobe essentials is a piece that would be perfect for autumn and winter – in fact, it would even be great for spring when the weather isn’t quite warm yet, but you still need something to help keep you warm.  I’m talking about the trench coat.  A capsule piece perfect for almost all three seasons of the year and can be layered on the inside and dressed up or down.

The Trench Coat

Defined as loosely belted raincoat in a military style, it actually originated from the type of coats worn by soldiers in the trenches, hence the name trench coat.  These days though, the trench coat is as much a necessity as it is a stylish accessory.

While there are many different cuts, styles, colours and these days even prints, to choose from, I’m a more classic kind of girl, preferring something that will transcend time.  A simple double breasted style, in a single colour – preferably in a light or dark shade.

You could of course go for bolder colours, but to keep to a safer, more versatile choice, it’s best to keep to either a tan, camel, beige for a light coat or a navy or black for the darker version.  And yes, it’s an item that you CAN splurge on as a good quality trench will last a long time and through any fashion fads.  So, my recommendation is to have two – one in a light and the other in a darker shade.

Styling The Trench Coat

The great thing about this versatile piece is the fact that you can wear it with almost everything.  It can be worn either over a dress, a shirt and jeans or pants, or even jeggings.  For a more stock standard styling, over your skirt or pantsuit even.  The thing is, it’s up to YOU what you wear this essential classic with.
cream trench coat with vegan leather skirt
Another great thing about styling the trench coat is HOW you wear it.  You can wear it unbuttoned, tying the belt on either ends so that it won’t slip off, or all buttoned and belted up or buttoned up but tying the belt instead.
If having it in just that one colour is a tad bit boring for you, why not get a trench coat with an interesting lining instead?  Printed linings give you the versatility of folding the sleeves and showing that contrasting and yet interesting print.
jpg black trench coat
I think the best thing about having a classic piece like the trench coat is what you can wear UNDERNEATH it.  So add some pizzazz to your style with bold prints or colours to balance off an otherwise plain yet classic style.

Trench Coats To Buy

wardrobe essentials trench coats

Do you already own a trench coat?  What colour have you got?  Would you consider getting one as part of your capsule? 
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  • Sharon Johnson says:

    I have a lightweight cream trench that compliments many outfits. Last year added a red trench to my closet. Believe in more hues for different moods.

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