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I am… Running out of things to share with you!  Why?  Because there hasn’t been much happening except my mundane, day-to-day activities like running around like a headless chicken trying to get the kids here and there.  Going for this and that information night and yeah well, the most interesting thing of all – housework!  ARGH!  I’m lucky that Mr. C isn’t too fussy about things being neat and tidy.  But then again, not like he can because he’s a lot messier than I am.

So this week’s I Am… Is quite pathetic in my opinion.  Thanks to the Internet, I have sort of stopped reading actual books and stupidly bought a series off Amazon that is so darn WEAK!  There’s light reading and then there’s “Why the heck did I waste my time?” sort of reading.  And I’ve been doing a lot of the latter lately.  Which is why I’m thrilled that I have STAN again – thanks to Miss 14’s Optus plan 😉 .

I am listening. 

Maybe my brain is trying to go back to my clubbing days but, I’ve been listening Spotify’s Hot Hits Australia featuring the top pop hits in Australia.  Faded by Alan Walker is really nothing to be excited about but I somehow love it.  It’s EDM (electronic dance music) but not the doof doof kind 😉 .


I am watching

I have seen the trailer for this on free-to-air television and often wished that I didn’t cancel my subscription to Stan.  Maybe someone heard my wish or something because I then received an email from Optus Perks offering a free 3 months subscription to Stan!  Woohoo!


UnReal is a dark, comedy that centres around the “behind the scenes” of a matchmaking show.  You know, much like The Bachelor.  Whether it’s a reflection of what really goes on in an actual set is I guess, between the producers, and talents, but darn if it doesn’t make you think about what actually goes on, on these reality shows!  I mean, how do we actually know if The Bachelor does pick his “mate” because he’s genuinely attracted to her or because the producers told him to?  It gives us an insight – albeit a fictional one – on how the participants in the show is manipulated to create “scenes”, be the “villain” and what not.  Definitely a super interesting show!  I’ve completed season 1 already – maybe I should have paced myself?  It stars one of my favourite actresses; Shiri Appleby who was on Life Unexpected, as the producer and manipulator of the show.  If you are somehow subscribed to Stan, be sure to check out UnReal.


I am annoyed.

I don’t usually share what annoys me when it comes to the I Am… segment but this week is an exception because I just need to let it out.  I think it’s something that needs to be said.  I’m talking about private tuition.  You see, where I came from – Singapore – and in most if not all parts of Asia, it’s the norm to send your kids for private tuition.  Why?  Because the education system is so competitive that you NEED to stay ahead.  Tuition in that sense wasn’t just about having someone else go through where your child needs help with.  Tuition was a way to get ahead.  More often than not you are taught topics before you were taught in school, so that when you are in school you actually know what the teacher is talking about.  It often made me wonder what the teacher’s job ended up being.  Seriously.

Which is why I was surprised that some parents here, in Australia have begun to be that way too!  Don’t get me wrong, I do believe private tuition is essential when the child cannot seem to improve or understand with the help of the teacher and we all know that realistically your child’s teacher cannot possibly exert all their time on just your child.  I mean, I’ve actually engaged a tutor for Miss 14 when I realised she needed help with her maths and that I could not help her as well, I just couldn’t!  And I am also giving tuition to some students to help them with their English.  What sends me into a tailspin is whenever parents expect their tutor to give their child tonnes of homework to keep them busy throughout the week.

Here’s the thing… When it comes to education, it’s all about QUALITY not QUANTITY.  In some cases, yes, the child might need more than normal the quantity of work to be able to cope with the curriculum.  But to give work for the sake of it?  I’m a definitely against that.  If the child was in primary school, I’d rather they enjoy school.  Engage in a private tutor if there is a need to help them.  When you can see them struggling.  I have had to explain to parents whose children I am tutoring that I give enough homework for them to learn, that giving them a lot of homework where they don’t focus on the actual work but only on completing the work would not benefit them at all.

Also a little tip?  Please make sure you either pay your tutor on the day or in advanced, unless of course you have alternate arrangements.  Nothing peeves a tutor more than having to travel, teach and only realising you’re not paying them afterwards.  Not on.  Just not. On.

What have you been up to lately?  Have you watched UnReal too?  What do you think of the show?  Is anything annoying you at the moment?  Would love to hear about your week! 🙂 



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