Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Review

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Review

Yesterday marked a big day for Target – or maybe more for me – as it was the much-awaited Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration launch.  I have always been a fan ever since his handbag with the silver bar became popular in the 90s.  Actually, I think, I was only ever able to afford his handbags.  Usually, I’d try on the clothes even though I know I could never afford them.  Pays to have friends who work in the sales line like I did.

Working in sales selling designer wear and mixing with like-minded designer crazy people, was not conducive to saving at all.  We were always on the look out for new items that were released and waited with bated breath for our monthly salary to be released for our next spending spree.  Sales period for us in the sales line was the best because that usually meant fantastic commissions for us to spend on later.  Savings?  I don’t think we really knew what that word meant then.  Or maybe that was just me.  But then again I was only 18!

Then my friends and I became obsessed with the fragrance line he released – although I’m wondering if it was more the design of the bottle and tin or the actual scent.  Regardless, Jean Paul Gaultier was not a name I would forget.  So it wasn’t a surprise that I was just as excited over his collaboration with Target.  I mean, hello, could I finally have my hands on his designs without breaking the bank?  I first heard of this collab through Dee of Mama Stylista, then Tine alerted me on the release date a two days prior.  I HAD to check out the range that was only available on the Target app.  Breton tops – check, leather – check, mesh – check.  All I had to do was wait for Thursday.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Review

  • Design

Seeing that I had already checked out his designs online, I knew that they would be pretty impressive already.  At least to me.  They were his signature designs.  I had my eye on a few items already, so what remained to be seen were the quality and sizing.

  • Quality

Very impressed with the quality of the merchandise on offer.  The t-shirts were definitely not made out of thin, flimsy material.  They were stretchy, thick enough and yes, fab quality.  So were the shirts, denim and leather items.

  • Pricing

Decently priced items because I remembered how I found Stella McCartney’s collab pieces to be a bit on the expensive side.  ^T-shirts start around the $39 mark and they were not just plain old tees, but more injections of his signature stripes and that edgy touch with the zipper on the front.  Both the ^tuxedo and ^relaxed jacket for $99 each.

jpgtarget range

  • Sizing

The sizes were surprisingly pretty generous.  I am usually an 8 or 10 for Target, and while the bottoms were still an 8 for me, I found the shirts in an 8 or small a tad big.  Not sure if that was the cut it was meant to be but, surely, having the cuffs go beyond my hands meant that it was just a tad too big.  The xs for tees fitted nicely.  Pity they didn’t have the striped knit in-store where I was and now it’s even unavailable online.  Bummer!  I tried one of their bottom pieces.  The ^denim tutu midi skirt.  I had to!  I mean, what’s the point of not trying just for the fun of it right?

And… nah… wished I had the body for it.

jpgtarget denim tutu skirt

Made me look like Cinderella’s godmother made a mistake on me or something.  Just wasn’t fit for my body type or height I guess.

  • Verdict

If you love classic styles with a twist – eg, his jackets, pants, skirts – I’d say go for it.  Great price, great quality and simple to mix designs.

While I love his ^tattoo mesh top, blush shirt and notebook top, I don’t know if I would want to look the same as everyone else?  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Don’t get me wrong.  Perfectly fine.  But just not for me.  Or I might actually change my mind, because I’m seriously eyeing that darn tattoo mesh top!!

What did I buy? 

I am so boring because I ended up with the ^black trench.  Yes, yawn I know.  But, I am trying to cull my wardrobe and I thought I should only stick to something I can wear a lot more often, will transcend time, and wear to work – once I get work that is!  I loved the cut, quality and the lining.  I can choose to fold the sleeves to show the lining or leave it down if I wanted a more classic look.

jpgtarget trench

I nearly got the denim jacket but then thought – I might not get to wear it, EVER.  Misses 12 and 14 might hijack it for good.  I was right.  Miss 12 actually encouraged me to buy it.  So she could wear it.  Smartie pants!

I might head back to another Target that’s pretty near where I am just to see if they have the knit I really would love to try.  And possibly try that tattoo mesh top.  Told you I could change my mind 😉 .  Stay tuned!

Did you manage to check out the new Jean Paul Gaultier for Target range?  What were your thoughts on them?  Love, like or not your cup of tea? 

^Denotes affiliate links, sales from which will earn me a small commission, but is at no extra cost to you. 



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  • That tutu is a cool idea, but I have a feeling it would definitely not suit me either!

  • I actually preferred the children’s denim tutu to the adult one. If they had that for adults, I’d have snapped it up. It’s so cute! I ended up going back to Target to get 5 of the clear pouches to bring back to Malaysia as gifts. 😛 I didn’t even check the lining of the trench; I thought it was all black! Oh now that I see that there’s that gorgeous lining, it’s definitely a great buy!

    But I have to say, boo to Target on the unnecessary vanity sizing. I had to get the long-sleeved top in XS, which is just BS because I’m never ever an XS. People who are smaller than me won’t be able to wear that long-sleeved Breton because even XS will look like a tent on them!

    • Norlin says:

      Great minds eh? 😉 I agree Tine. If the design of the adult tutu was like the one for kids, it would’ve worked on a lot more people I think.

      I was actually taken by the laser cut black tote but thought the better of it – too many bags already!! And yeah, what’s with the vanity sizing? Makes us more confused as to what size, exactly we should be wearing.

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