Caring For Your Shoes

Caring For Your Shoes

You would probably know from way back when… Well, a challenge I did a few years ago, that I have a huge obsession with love for shoes.  This was how many pairs I had – THEN.  Don’t ask me how many I’ve added to  that collection please, as it is rather embarrassing.

Anyway, while I do love making that odd shoe purchase – yes I always seem to be able to find a reason to buy a pair – I cannot stress enough on the importance of caring for your shoes.  Especially those that you’ve spent heaps of money on – like a few of my boots.

Caring For Your Shoes

I have a favourite pair that I bought years ago from Myer.  They are comfortable, have that lovely dark brown shade and would fit in with most, if not all of what’s in my wardrobe!  The problem with that is the fact that I have overused it so much that I had neglected to take care of it.  Yes, shoes need to be given lots of TLC in order to last the distance.

boots before repair

As you can see from these images, the heels, soles and front part of my boots were just way too worn out to be worn during the wet and cold months.  Which was why it was “out of commission” all of last year.  I just needed to get them fixed before wearing them again.  What I should have done to prevent this though was to:

  • Waterproof the leather
  • Polish the leather instead of waiting for the colours to fade
  • Re-sole and re-heel before it got to that sad condition

So, did I manage to save my favourite pair of boots?  Just take a look at the “after” images to decide for yourself!

boots after repair by Mister Minit

I brought my boots to *Mister Minit in Chadstone to get it re-soled, re-heeled and polished.  And I must say, they did a darn well great job of it!  While I did get a 25% discount AND a $15 voucher, even if I didn’t it would have only cost me $75 all up for the work done on my boots.  Which in all honesty,wasn’t too bad because I get to still wear my boots AND it saves me from purchasing a new pair.  You can’t even imagine how fussy I can get with getting the perfect pair, which was why I was so desperate for this pair to be saved.

I loved how attentive the staff was too – that was before I even told her I was a blogger and was given the $15 voucher to use their service.  Victoria was polite, and went out of her way to find out if they had the right shade for my boots, for the re-colouring.  Her boss (sorry, but I forgot his name! Yikes!) was also very friendly and even admitted that he did the reconditioning of the boots himself.  The shade was spot on!  He even waterproof my boots!  Of course, Mister Minit isn’t limited to just shoe repairs.  Their services include watch repairs, engraving and key cutting too.

Have you got that favourite pair of shoes that you just can’t let go but is too worn out to even wear out?  Or do you just throw worn out pairs that you thought cannot be saved?


*I was given a $15 voucher and 25% discount from Mister Minit for the shoe repair services.  All comments are my own. 





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