What I Wore to Ghost The Musical

What I Wore to Ghost The Musical

It was 1990, the film Ghost was on everybody’s lips… Well at least everyone that I knew when I was 15.  It was THE must-watch film then and my mum and I had to sit in separate seats because those were the two available seats for that film on that particular weekend.  Starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, where true love conquers all and well, the term “ditto” got thrown around afterwards like it was some kind of trend.  Speaking of trends, Demi’s short crop also made every girl want to have that hairstyle – or was that only me?  Because yes, I did go there, I had that crop.  I wanted to be Demi.  And “Unchained Melody” became one of the most popular songs ever sung in every karaoke bar.  Or in my case, at home.

Reliving that love story, Matthew Warchus brings the story on stage in a musical.  Starring Robert Mills as the main character Sam and Jemma Rix as Molly, the story is brought to life with dancing, music and some amazing light and projection work to keep you entertained.

I was lucky to have won the tickets to watch what I believe was the premier of the show last Friday, thanks to Jacqui from Common Chaos Chronicle. It was an early date night for both Mr. C and I and I have to say, a well deserved one after nearly a whole week of moving to our new home.

What I Wore To Ghost The Musical

Most of my dresses were still in the previous house, so I managed to grab this navy dress from Metalicus to wear on the night.  I love the semi-bell shaped sleeves and the petal cut of the hem.  The no-fuss dress also meant that it wouldn’t crease easily – a definite advantage when you still haven’t gotten your walk-in wardrobe fully installed (GAH!).

metalicus dress

The dress matches perfectly with my favourite strappy heels from Clarks and I jazzed up my outfit with a faux crystal embellished necklace.

Ghost The Musical – Verdict

I did enjoy watching the musical, and was amazed by the spectacular lighting effects and clever use of image projection as their backdrop.  It never ceases to amaze me how creative theatre usually is.  Both the leading characters were amazing and I thought the show was made better by the character of Oda Mae Brown, which was played by Wendy Mae Brown (coincidence?).  She was HILARIOUS!

What I do have to pick on though was Molly.  No, not the performance, but her hair.  I can’t shake the fact that it’s just not Molly without that dark cropped hairstyle!  Call me crazy but I call it how I see it.  It’s just not the same having a blonde, curly haired Molly.

If you fancy a night out and wanting to relive the memories of Ghost, then check out the musical.  It’s different but it sure is pretty interesting to see.





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