Friday’s Favourites: 90s Flashback

I don’t know about you but what is it with fashion revivals?  Actually, when you think about it, revivals don’t just stop with fashion, in fact, there’s music, makeup and even films!  Are the “creative” people running out of ideas already?  I know that all these things go round in a cycle – they get recycled but with a new spin, new people, new something or rather.  Makes me want to save every single one of my clothing item and accessory just in case my girls were to get into these recycling trends!

This year, it seems like the 90s are back with a force – a strong force.

90s Flashback


Remember this song?  Len’s Steal My Sunshine?  I’ve been hearing the remake of this song for a few weeks (or was it months?) now and told Miss 14 that the current one isn’t the original.  I even showed her the original music video.  The remake – My Sunshine by Mashd N Kutcher – is a lot more upbeat.  Nothing new.  Same words, just a lot faster and boppier and I have to say – I sort of love it!  Then there’s Tracy Chapman’s more sombre Fast Car, now made a lot catchier by Jonas Blue featuring Dakota.  This one I’m not too sure about, I do like the more upbeat version for summer but  I love Tracy’s soulful voice and I think the remake sort of ruined the real meaning of the song a little.

Makeup & Fashion

Then we have makeup.  Remember the darker, almost brown coloured lipsticks?  And when grunge was the huge thing then?  Confession – I was into those trends.  Huge fan of that, with tartan skirt, laced up boots, choker and all that.  Yes, complete with those berry almost brown lipstick.  And no, I don’t have photo evidence of any of that sadly (thankfully!!).

drew barrymore 90s

Image source

But, there’s a new take on the good old grunge look.  They call it “modern grunge” .  Yeah, very original.  But I actually don’t mind them!  They look wearable and super hot!  Check out the looks and tutorials below.

Check out Nail the ’90s Grunge Look With These Makeup Tutorials

by Compulsive Style at Mode

When it comes to fashion, or in this case accessories, the choker seems to be a huge hit!  Last year both my girls were on the hunt for those elasticised tattoo chokers.  This year it seems like velvet, ribbons… In fact any choker styles are back!  I wouldn’t mind it too much, depending on the design I suppose.

choker necklaces1.^Faux Leather & Bead Choker $12.66, 2. ^Double Velvet Choker $8.00, 3. ^Pearl Velvet Choker $8.00, 4. Gold tone layered choker $25.31 

Tell me, are you loving the new take on everything 90s?  Which is your favourite one?


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  • Mel says:

    I enjoy a brown lip but HATE the skinny brows!

  • Oh I had almost forgotten the velvet choker! I remember making these with my friends. Great trip down memory lane Norlin!

  • Melinda says:

    You totally just brought back memories of me BEGGING my Mum to buy me this velvet choker to wear to the school social, ha!

    I’ll welcome back 90s trends except for those awful skinny worm eyebrows 😉

    • Norlin says:

      Hahaha… I seemed to have forgotten about those skinny eyebrows. Maybe I didn’t have them done that way then… Or maybe I need to check back my 90s photos!! :p

      Yeah, my daughters went hunting for the elasticised tattoo ones as if their lives depended on it!! It was hilarious and then you remember… Oh yes, I was young once too 😉

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