Friday’s Favourites: Solstice, Photography Foundation & Kryolan

Friday’s Favourites: Solstice, Photography Foundation & Kryolan

As promised last week, I have a list of beauty products to share on this week’s Friday’s Favourites!  I’ve featured them on the blog previously, in fact one of them I did list on my “Best of 2015” because it truly has made a difference to my overall complexion when I do use this product.  So, here we go!


The first thing to top my list is the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette.  Why? Because it is just so easy to use and so versatile!  I featured it last week over here.  I know that Target stocks a few items from Sleek, but I don’t think they’ve got it at every Target store or if they have this palette in-store.  I do know that you can purchase them online for USD$14.99 with USD$14.29 postage, so best to load it up with other items 😉 .

sleek solstice highlighting palette inside 2

Why is this so versatile?  Well, while the cream based highlighter is great for highlighting the brow bone area, what it’s also great for is as a cream eyeshadow to prime your eyeshadow.  All you need to do is then to apply a powder based eyeshadow on top of it to create a nice eyeshadow base colour.  For that, you can use either of the baked eyeshadows that also come with the palette.  If you were after a more “natural” look, I’d go for the golden/bronze shade (Equinox).  That way, all you would need to do is add mascara and tight line your eyes.  This would make the perfect holiday palette with minimal products to lug around!


Photography Foundation

This next thing on my list is the Hylamide Photography Foundation, which I included in my Best of 2015 list.  While I think the Hylamide Photography Foundation was probably designed to wear on its own before you apply your foundation or your BB cream.

hylamide photography foundation

I actually add a drop of this to my BB Cream.  The “foundation” is under Hylamide’s Finisher series feature a range of products, in other words, product applied after you have prepped and primed your face.

hylamide swatch

This range is supposed to give your skin that lovely finish, thanks to the blurring effect of the products.  In all honesty, I can’t tell if it really does blur my skin out but if you use the tinted version, it sure does add a nice golden glow to your skin instead of making it look sallow during the warmer months, when your skintone does tend to get a little darker.

with and without hylamide

The Hylamide Photography Foundation retails for AUD$38.00 and I use the golden tan.



The final thing on my Friday’s Favourites list is this Ultra Foundation Trio from Kryolan.

kryolan ultra foundation trio

I actually received this in my gift bag at the launch event here in Melbourne, last year.  There were quite a few goodies in that gift bag, but this one caught my eye.  Well, actually remember the pimple I was trying to get rid of over here?  I think I went a bit overboard and now, I’ve got a faint mark on my chin.  That was when I thought to give the Kryolan foundation trio a go.

before after kryolan ultra foundation trio

Kryolan is well-known for its high quality and the ability to cover REALLY WELL.  I received the “A” palette and used the middle shade to conceal my blemishes and as you can see, it sure does its job really well!  In the image I’ve applied the foundation/concealer to show you how good this product is at concealing blemishes.  Please take note that I haven’t got any base or foundation on my face, which is what I usually do before applying any concealer on my blemishes.

The foundation is a little pricey but I think it’ll last a very long time if all I’m using it for is to cover my blemishes.

That’s a wrap!  Have you tried any of the products I’ve shared on this week’s list?  What’s been your favourite beauty product so far this year?




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