Health & Lifestyle: Knowing What’s Stopping You

Health & Lifestyle: Knowing What’s Stopping You

It has been awhile since I last shared a Health & Lifestyle post, because I just haven’t learnt anything new or discovered anything that exciting to share on the blog, and really, why share for the sake of sharing right?  But this week I do have something to share.  Something about my exercise, running and health.  I have to admit that the holidays has been very good to me this year.  As in I had a lot of time to chill out, but I was also busy helping Mr. C paint the new place.  The holidays also meant late nights (hello Netflix binge fest!) and equally late mornings.  Yes, I’m spoilt, I know.  That also meant that my diet – as in what I normally eat – and mealtimes have gone a bit off the regular track.  As you would during the holidays.  That also meant that fitness-wise, that has sort of gone slightly askew as well.  My pace has slowed down, I feel all puffed out so easily and everything just seemed to be so much harder!

running 2016

Crappy pace where my run turned into a walk…

Knowing What’s Stopping You

Having said that though, I know WHY my fitness levels have gone a bit haywire.  And I think that’s the key to getting back your fitness – knowing what’s stopping you.

  • Weather – what temperature you do your exercises in is a huge factor as the hotter the weather, the harder it is for me to run.  So, I’ve had to re-organise my time to run to a much earlier time.  The great thing about summer is also the fact that it gets light really early in the morning.  Instead of running at 9am like I usually do during the cooler months, I have started (on Tuesday actually) to run at 7am, when the temperature is much cooler.

first early morning run with a longer distance

Not a faster pace but a longer distance than the usual 5km & at a much earlier start

  • Bedtime – late nights also meant late rises, which in turn leads to later runs.  So this week, I’ve started to have my pre-holiday bedtime again.  No more staying up watching Netflix or reading my novels until 2am in the morning!
  • Breakfast – while I do eat breakfast, the thing is, not eating the “right” foods can also affect my fitness.  So back to yoghurt and all that jazz and now that I have to run a lot earlier, it meant that I have to wake up at least 1 1/2 hours earlier to eat something small and hydrate adequately beforehand.  This gives my body time to digest the food and also energy to run afterwards.  I usually have 1/2 a banana with some tahini and some water.
  • What you consume the night before – this also affects how you feel the next day and how much more your body needs to work for what’s considered as a “regular” run.  For instance if you had alcohol when you don’t normally do the night before your run, naturally it’ll affect your body.  So if you plan on running the next day, avoid any alcohol.  Or if not have a very small percentage of what you would normally do.
  • Mind over matter – finally, it’s also psychological.  Yep, it’s true.  While your body DOES dictate how you feel and what you do, but it’s the mind that tells you – STOP! I can’t do this!  So what I’ll be doing is striving to improve as I go.  Set up a new training schedule for myself with REALISTIC goals on the Nike+ app.

So lovely readers, if the holidays have been skewing your normally “healthy” regime, I say it’s time to get it back.  Know why it has changed and have a plan of attack.  Trust me, usually it’s the little things that affects your overall fitness level.





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A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!

  • Great tips Norlin. I am totally of the wagon but planning to recommence healthy living next week. The holidays have been brutal with great food, drink and many indulgences!

    • Norlin says:

      Thanks Vanessa! While I do think holidays were meant to be us chilling out, we just need to be mindful that what we consume and the lack of exercise can affect our fitness. 🙂

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