Friday Favourites: Halsey, Chasing Life & Reading (Again!)

First Friday’s Favourites of 2016 people!  Can we hear a cheer!   Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but it HAS been quite a while since I did share a Friday’s Favourite.  And I  mean a VERY long while.

To kick of this year’s first ever Friday’s Favourites, I have no beauty or fashion items to share at this moment but stay tuned for that next week.  Fingers crossed.  Ok, who am I kidding I actually do have some beauty and fashiony faves to share by then.

Halsey – Badlands

Wondering what or better still, WHO Halsey is?  She’s a singer that OLD me just discovered.  Well, I actually heard her debut single – I think it’s her debut single I’m just guessing because it’s gotten A LOT of airplay – and didn’t know her name.  I just really liked the song. A. LOT.  It’s called New Americana.

It wasn’t until Miss almost 14 told me that she was in St. Kilda and heard (or was it saw?) some rehearsal going on outside the Palais Theatre that she realised they must be rehearsing for Halsey’s concert.  Cue the clueless mum asking, “HOLESY?  Who is Holesy?”  Yes, I didn’t even know how her name was spelled.  Then she proceeds to tell me, “You know that chick that sings New Americana?”  And I did the most embarrassing thing that really revealed my age.  I didn’t even know she had a whole album released AND was having a concert.  Fail!  I did really like that one song though.

So in all that excitement, I decided to check her album out.  On Spotify of course.  Holy macaroni!  What can I say, but that girl can sing.  Her songs amd sounds reminded me a little bit of Lorde and Ellie Goulding.  I fell in love with that album and it’s been on repeat all week.  Sorry kids, but when I drive, I get to choose the music.  If you’re thinking of delving into her music, just be aware that there’s a lot of swearing.  But then again, that’s life right?

Halsey Badlands

I’ve featured one of my other favourite songs from her album – Ghost.


Chasing Life 

No I’m not chasing life… It’s a series on the U.S Netflix that I’ve recently consumed.  I say consumed because that’s what it’s like with series on Netflix.  Like what my dear friend Geek says, “If you don’t want a life (or something like that) then go watch a series on Netflix”.  Which was what it was for me with Chasing Life.  There were TWO seasons available and I think I sort of skewed my Internet with my binge watching.  Oops…

chasing life

Chasing Life is a story about a young journalist April Carver whose life takes a turn when she discovers by accident that she has leukemia.  And that’s where the romance, drama and pure, utter ugly crying throughout the series starts.  Yes, I was crying like an idiot in almost every episode.  I mean, seriously, imagine being 24 and just starting out your career only to find out that you have cancer.  I know it does happen in real life and I think that’s why it made the series tug at your heartstrings.  Added to that, there’s the drama of finding out that her recently deceased dad had another family.  Sh*t.  Sounds too much like my own life; without the cancer.  There are funny moments in some episodes and I did love her best friend, Beth (an Australian by the way!) who adds some nice comedic relief.  If you can manage to get the U.S version of Netflix and love a bit of drama then I highly recommend Chasing Life.  Just get some tissues ready though.




I was so disappointed to NOT reach my reading goal in 2015.  Missed by 19 books and I blame Netflix for it.  Ever since my binge watching of Sons of Anarchy, followed by many other television series on it, I have neglected my reading.  Another thing I absolutely enjoy, because as much as I enjoy watching images created by people on-screen, I do love the images my imagination creates each time I delve into a book.  So it’s good to know that I’ve recently started reading my trashy highly entertaining novels.  I’ve decided to aim a little lower this year and set my goal to only 50 books.  I set the bar too high last year at 126 books and seeing that I managed to read 107 books, 50 would be a walk in the park right?

Tell me, what have you been reading lately?  Any good ones?

That’s my list this week.  Stay tuned (fingers crossed) next week for another Friday’s Favourite’s list!





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