Saturday Shopping: Costco Favourites

Saturday Shopping: Costco Favourites

I know you’re probably wondering why I’m featuring what I like from Costco when this is supposed to be more about beauty and fashion right?  Well, for the Saturday Shopping segment I thought, it’s best I cover more than just those areas because let’s face it, life is more than just about beauty and fashion.  Plus, it IS still about shopping.

Costco Favourites

  • Feminine Hygiene Products

When I say feminine hygiene products, I’m not just talking about sanitary pads and tampons.  This also covers necessities such as razors.  I usually buy my sanitary pads and panty liners in bulk because, well, it saves me time and money rather than having to travel to and from the supermarket to purchase these that do not have an expiry date and what I actually NEED.  This would also be handy if you’re in a home full of females ;).  Costco has a few different brands so it really is up to you which ones you prefer.  I usually go for the Stayfree pads that come in 4 packs of 20 and Carefree liners that come in 4 packs of 30.  Another thing I do stock up on is the Schick Intuition range where it comes with 8 refills including the main razor handle.

  • Coconut Water

stripped coconut water costco

If you’re a fan of coconut water, they also stock a few different brands, but the one I normally go for is DJ & A Stripped Coconut Water, that comes in 3 packs of 1 litre cartons for only $8.89.  A little confession though, I now buy 3 of these triple packs at one go because my whole family drinks this like it’s going out of fashion!!

  • Fresh Almond Milk

almond milk costco

You know how it’s so difficult to find almond milk that isn’t just 2 or 3% almonds and NOT full of sugar?  Well, I have recently discovered that Costco sells fresh almond milk made out of 12% almond, filtered water and sea salt.  That’s the unsweetened version from Inside Out Nutritious Goods and it only cost me $10 for 2 bottles – that’s $5 per bottle of fresh almond milk.  This is also the first almond milk I’ve used in my coffee that DOES NOT split!  Tastes pretty good too.  You’ll need to check this out in their dairy section and beware when you go in there as it’s bloody cold!

  • Any of those “healthy” stuff

Costco is great for those who are also health conscious.  Yes, I was surprised that they not only stock junk food in LARGE quantities but healthy stuff too!  Foods like quinoa, chia seeds, coconut sugar, flax seeds and so much more, all in LARGE quantities.  Worth it if you eat these things every day.  I don’t so I only bought the coconut sugar to try.  Good to see a nice balance at a store known for selling everything in large quantities.

  • Frozen roti paratha

I’ve tried a few frozen rotis but this particular brand Katoomba stocked in Costco, is THE BOMB!  It comes in a pack of 30 and costs $9.79.  You need to pan fry it without defrosting it and you really don’t even need any oil if you’ve got a non-stick pan.  The result is a really fluffy yet crispy roti!

  • Smooze

Frozen fruit with coconut milk… can we say YUM!  Smooze is of course available in other supermarkets but I think their family packs are slightly cheaper compared to the ones at the supermarkets.  It comes in a box of 24 with 5 different flavours for $12.79.  Great for those who are dairy intolerant (me!) and you only need to freeze as you go as you can store the rest in the pantry.


I do buy a lot more from Costco but these are my favourite things to buy so far.  They used to have the Village kids tickets special vouchers, but seems like there’s only the Hoyts ones now.  Do you shop at Costco too?  What are your favourite items to shop for?





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A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!

  • Mel says:

    I also love Coconut water! Wish I had a Cosco near me, although I probably don’t have the storage room to stock up on too many items 🙂

    • Norlin says:

      Hahaha yep, you’ll need space to store the items as they come in big bulks! I always have to think hard and see if I do have space in my home before I purchase anything in Costco.

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