Fashion Day: 2016 Fashion Trends To Look Out For

Fashion Day: 2016 Fashion Trends To Look Out For

I’ll be perfectly honest with you that I have absolutely NO IDEA what the hot fashion trends in 2016 would be, according to the “experts”.  I’ve scoured the Internet looking for answers and I noticed that each and every fashion related website has their own version of WHAT’S on trend in 2016.  Funny that!  So I thought, I’d make MY OWN predictions based on what I have seen in-stores and online, here and overseas.  Because let’s face it, while we can track what Fashion Week has already showcased all over the world, it’s really what the stores have stocked up in that really tells us which trends we will be faced with during the year.

2016 Fashion Trends

  • The off-shoulder EVERYTHING!

I have seen this on almost everyone I know and also online – the off-shoulder tops and dresses.  The trick is finding the RIGHT style to suit your personality and body shape.  I have to admit that while I do love this trend, I am not that confident in rocking it.  There are styles which are soft, loose and flowing, and there are the more body-fitting styles.  The softer, more loose flowing styles remind me of the romantic 70s and the more body-fitting ones, just remind me of the 90s.  Which ones should you go for?  The answer is, pick one that you are more comfortable with.  I for one am avoiding those with bell sleeves because it’s just NOT ME!  I love the short sleeve, looser fit versions be it with tops or dresses.  Now, it’s a matter of finding one that isn’t too expensive because, let’s face it, it’s a trend!

Shop the trend

2016 fashion trends off shoulder

1.Blue Bungalow navy dover anglaise top $49.00, 2. ^Boohoo off shoulder top $24.00, 3. ^Juliana off shoulder dress $216.30, 4. ^Katies off shoulder top $59.95.

  • Broderie anglaise

Now, this is one trend that I absolutely ADORE!  What is broderie anglaise you might ask?  It’s a…

whitework needlework technique incorporating features of embroidery, cutwork and needle lace that became associated with England, due to its popularity there in the 19th century.

And yes, I picked that off Wikipedia.  Basically, it’s sort of lacey needlework with lots of cut-outs.  The lacework reminds me of being a child, very sweet and innocent.  I have a top, skirt and a dress with this type of lacework and while it’s been around for AGES, the stores are bringing this back to life with a vengeance!

Mix Apparel white broderie anglaise dress


Shop the trend

2016 fashion trends broderie anglaise

1.^ASOS Yellow  Broderie dress $40.08, 2. ^Birds Nest Boho Bird broderie dress $119.95, 3. ^ASOS Plus Size Midi broderie dress $54.85, 4. ^Glassons broderie sleeveless top $39.99, 5. ^Cotton On broderie smock top $29.95, 6. ^The Iconic sweet as pie top $49.95

  • Jacquard

I think this particular trend stayed back for a little bit, with a slight difference in the type of patterns.  This year, the patterns feature more geometrical prints in jacquard fabric.  I would stick to coats and jackets or even skirts.  If you were daring enough then yes, go for a jacquard dress.  Keep the fabric in less contrasting colours when it comes to the weaving – for instance keeping the base black and the threading in black – if you are not too confident with going all out in contrasting colours.  Although, having a jacquard garment in contrasting geometric shapes does give you a more contemporary style.

Shop the trend

2016 fashion trends Jacquard

1. ^ASOS jacquard dress $67.50, 2. ^ASOS geometric jacquard skirt $29.53, 3. ^Katies jacquard skirt $39.95

  • Lingerie by day

I’m not talking about wearing your slips as the main piece but, it sort of is like that in a way.  Think soft, flowing camisoles paired with soft skirts or shorts in summer, or with jeans in spring.  Dresses with lace and very thin straps, or simply silky dresses with lace.  I would suggest adding a slightly edgier style by teaming your soft pieces with leather or denim.

Shop the trend

2016 fashion trends lingerie

1.^The Iconic Layla slip dress $202.30, 2. ^The Iconic Atmos&Here cami $16.95 3. ^ASOS cami top $29.53, 4. ^The Iconic Aisling Frill Cami $24.47, 5. ^ASOS eazy living slip $94.93, 6. ^The Iconic River Island embroidered cami top $59.95

There are lots more trends that will continue onto 2016, like stripes; something I don’t think have ever left the “trend-bagon” in my opinion, which is why I haven’t listed it as a trend.  I think it’s more of a classic than a trend really.  Glitter and sparkles will still carry through, so don’t ditch your sequinned pieces just yet!

Which of these trends will or have you gotten on board with?  Or maybe you’re skipping some of them in favour of more classic pieces?

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  • Mel says:

    Broderie anglaise was definitely my favourite. And the off the shoulder was my least favourite! Mainly because it involves a strapless bra and no tan* lines over your shoulders! (*I don’t purposely sun tan!)

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