New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals

As 2015 draws to close I must say, this has been a year full of learning for me.  Learning about myself really.  Maybe it’s me hitting 40 or maybe it’s just that you get wiser as you age, but 2015 has taught me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Firstly, I’ve learned that my true calling was indeed to teach, even if it took me longer than usual to get there.  Now that I’ve got my provisional registration approved, I have the daunting and grueling task of applying (and getting rejected) for jobs.  I also learned that I CAN run, when I did the 10km Melbourne Marathon and City to Sea 15km events this year.

2015 highlights

Another major thing I’ve finally come to terms with was the fact that I wasn’t the cause of my parents’ failed relationship; they were.  This also gave me the closure I needed and taught me that you need to deal with the issues you might have with your spouse/partner instead of sweeping things under the carpet and letting it fester and eat you up inside like a disease because you’ll end up hurting everyone else around you.

While I’ve always learned a lot about friendships throughout the years, this year has taught me that there are some things that matter more in a friendship than letting petty things get in the way.  I’ve also learned that while there are times I can depend on people for help, that there will be people who will back away from helping you without notifying you in advance, leaving you in the lurch all year.  So, remember, if you can’t help someone as promised earlier, LET THEM KNOW!

Finally, the thing that I’ve learned this year is that while numbers might matter to PRs and brands, what matters to me when it comes to blogging are the readers – YOU.  You matter.  And I’m not just saying that, I really mean it.  You’ve kept me going by reading, commenting, sharing and liking my posts.

New Year, New Goals

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Image: Mike Petrucci

With the new year, I’ve set new goals.  I’m not one to set new resolutions because they’re just… dumb.  Sorry, but I call it like it is.  My goals this year include:

  • Getting a teaching position (be it as a relief teacher, part-time or full-time)
  • To run a 1/2 marathon
  • Go to the gym at least once a week (well, I’ve paid the darn membership!)
  • Organise a makeup workshop
  • Organise a styling workshop
  • Organise a meet and greet with my lovely readers
  • Treat myself to a massage once a while (because I deserve it damn it!)

Those were my goals for 2016 and if I don’t get to reach them, that’s ok too.  They are GOALS not definite things I HAVE to achieve.  What are your goals for 2016?




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