Best of 2015 Makeup, Skincare & Body

Best of 2015 Makeup, Skincare & Body

It’s that time of the year again where I round up my favourite products of 2015, some of which have been featured on my blog, while there were some that I’ve recently discovered and have been loving and using avidly but haven’t yet featured here.

So here we go – the Best of 2015!

Best of 2015 Makeup

best of 2015 makeup


^Maybelline FIT Me Foundation rrp$18.95

At the top of my list is the Maybelline FIT Me Foundation, something I was so keen to try and finally got to when Chemist Warehouse had their 50% off sale.  I chose the shade 310 in Sun Beige and man do I love the perfect shade, texture and finish of this foundation!  While I have an oily to combination skin, I found their regular FIT Me foundation much better for my skin as the matte version seemed to make my skin looked much drier than I liked.

Sleek Lipstick in Succumb rrp$7.49

This lipstick has got to be one of my favourite “your lips but better” shade that I’ve ever tried!!  I love the texture of this lipstick – so moisturising!! – and the taste too, I mean, it’s on my lips so it’s got to taste good!

wearing Sleek lipstick in Succumb

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold rrp$6.99

Sleek is I think known for its dupes of the NARS collection.  Well at least when it comes to their blushes!  This one in Rose Gold is a copy of the NARS Orgasm.  At first glance I thought, “Nah, not for me.”  But the shimmery finish of this blush is perfect for adding some lovely flush of colour in the warmer months.

sleek rose gold blush

Face of Australia Lumi-Tint rrp$12.95

These babies sold out the moment they were launched and how can you blame them right?  Well, I guess it’s time you made more of these Face of Australia!!  I loved how easy it is to use these tinted sticks of luminosity!!  You can read more about them here.

face of australia lumi tint colours

^Rimmel BB Cream Matte rrp$12.95

My all-time favourite and will always still be on my list is the Rimmel BB Cream Matte.  Hello lovely finish and easy-cover for that everyday look!  Always stock up when Priceline or anywhere else has some sort of sale on this goody!  I know I do!

^*Face of Australia Precision Brow Pencil rrp$8.45

This thing will definitely be on my repeat purchase list.  Yes, I was given this to try BUT, I have been using this ever since I tried them on my brows!  It comes with a retractable pencil on one side and brush on the other.  What I love is not only the shade (I use taupe by the way), but how smooth the pencil is!  The shade come on perfectly, which means, it takes me less than no time to create those perfect eyebrows.  And we know how the perfectly shaped eyebrows help to frame the face!

HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood Light rrp$66.00

I don’t usually splurge when it comes to makeup unless they were worth spending every dime on and that’s what I thought of the HOURGLASS ambient lighting powder – well, in Mood Light.  This shade has a lovely, sheer lavender pink shade that adds a gorgeous hint of colour AND highlight to your cheeks!  I waited for over a month to decide if I should get this and once I swatched it, fell in love at first swatch.

*Hylamide Photography Foundation in Golden Tan rrp USD$21.00 or $29.99 (at ^Priceline)

Another newbie is the Hylamide Photography Foundation that I received in my gift bag at their recent launch.  I received the Golden Tan shade, which I thought at first would be such a drag to try and match to my skin, but hello glorious boost of healthy glow!!  I first tried this by mixing it with my everyday BB Cream (Rimmel BB Cream of course!) and realised it added a certain depth and healthy glow to my skin.  The golden tan is also great on its own when you just want that subtle glow without looking like you’ve got too much bronzer on.  I can’t seem to find the Golden Tan shade on the Priceline site but, maybe you’ll need to go in-store to find it, or you could get it from their main site here.

Best of 2015 Skincare & Body

Next up, I’ve combined both my favourite skin and body care products on the list.

best of 2015 skin body care

^*Nuxe Nuxecellence Detox Anti-Aging Night Serum rrp$64.99

At the top of my list is the Nuxe Nuxecellence night serum; which by the way is more a pre-serum.  I’ve reviewed it here previously and while it might be a tad bit on the “luxe” side of things for me, this will definitely be a re-purchase item for me as it has worked wonders on my skin.

*Boots Serum7 range from $28.00

A range I was skeptical about at first but have grown to love is the Boots Serum7 lift range, more precisely the Lift as I HAVE hit 40.  I love how light their day and night creams are and how they actually WORKED!!  You can read more about them here.

^*Bioderma Hydrabio Serum rrp$45.99

Another one for the books is this Bioderma Hydrabio Serum, which helps to hydrate my oily yet dehydrated skin.  I use this during the day just before I apply the Boots Serum7 Lift day cream.

Spot Medic rrp$14.95

A fab blind pimple solution, this spot medic colloidal sticker became my go-to solution when I was in desperate need to pop that painful blind pimple.  Read what it actually does here.

^Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam (Light to Medium) rrp$19.99

Nothing says a gorgeous tan than a… FAKE TAN!  Hahaha…Yep, my favourite ever solution to making those running short tan-lines vanish – well, at least be less obvious is the tanning foam by Bondi Sands.  I love how it doesn’t stink, is easy to apply with the tanning mitt and has a LOVELY shade that doesn’t make you look like an oompa loompa 😉 .  This has also helped me fade out my “ombre” body shade… you know, when your covered parts are a few shades lighter than the rest of the exposed parts?

^Redwin Perfect Naturals Coconut Oil rrp$12.99

If you love coconut oil but hate having to dip your fingers into a tub of oil, then this Redwin Perfect Naturals Coconut Oil would be the perfect answer.  I used this all throughout winter and all I needed to do was to pump the bottle.  No sticky, drippy messes!

^Redwin Perfect Naturals NutriGlow Body Lotion rrp$9.99

I didn’t realise this body lotion made my skin SPARKLE until I had it on and went running one day.  It really did made the saying, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle” literal in my case!  I love how quickly the this body lotion absorbs onto my skin AND that sparkly skin bit?  How can I say no to that?!  Ok, secretly though… I’m a vampire that sparkles in the sun.


And that’s a wrap!  Have you tried any of the products on my list?  What were YOUR favourites products this year? 


*Products were given for editorial consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy. 

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  • Great products, can I ask does the fake tan make you smell. So many fake tans have a smell that really lingers. I don’t mind it but hubby isn’t keen.

    • Norlin says:

      Hi Karen! I know what you mean by fake tans having a smell. I don’t like them either but this one has a coconut scent, so if your hubby doesn’t mind that I guess this will be right up your alley. 😉 I know of some blogger who prefer the medium to dark, but I prefer the light to medium, even though I have an olive skin tone. That way I know it will end up looking more natural too.

  • I really like this list! I tried Rimmel BB cream too this year. I was loving the medium shade in the winter, but I couldn’t use it this summer as it started to look ghostly on me. I switched to Garnier – I like it for summer (it’s more orange in tone though) but wish it had sunscreen protection in it.

    I can’t even remember what primer I’m using at the moment but I am in love – it’s something something anti-ageing and it feels wonderful and truly makes my skin look tighter and smoother before I’ve even put my make up on. Now I’m in my 30s I don’t think I could go back to not using primer under my foundation!

    • Norlin says:

      Hi Kez, I know what you mean by giving you a ghostly tone in summer. I added the Hylamide golden tan to my BB Cream (the Rimmel one) recently and I think it made the tone look a tad bit better – not as ghostly. With all BB Creams you would still need to apply a separate sunscreen on top of it though as the one from the BB Cream isn’t as potent as what you’d need.

      Oh I wished you could tell me which primer. I only ever use primer when I know I have to wear foundation and if I have a long day out while wearing my BB Cream. It does give you a smoother application and makes your foundation last all day too. I have been using the one from Lancome – bought this AGES ago and still using it because I hardly use it.

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