Random Monday: 5 Things I HATE About Boxing Day Sales

Random Monday: 5 Things I HATE About Boxing Day Sales

With Christmas just passed on Friday, I sure hope everyone of you had a fabulous break and celebration (if you celebrate it) with your family and/or friends.  Mine was a rather quiet one spent with my family but a much needed chill out time for us all really.

Despite the relaxing Christmas, we (stupidly) braved the Boxing Day sales the next day.  We got to Chadstone at around 9:30am and was smart enough NOT to park at the mall because, who wants to waste time trying to find a park??

I would’ve preferred to NOT have gone at all, but I knew that Cotton On Body normally have good deals on Boxing Day, and that Myer normally have pretty decent discounts just for that day.

I did manage to snag myself two tank tops which were about 1/2 the original price from Cotton On Body, for working out in and also a pair of strappy sandals from Myer with a (sadly only) $20 discount.  They could’ve given a much better discount in my opinion.  I also managed to purchase some tableware with the Myer’s 40% off special on the day – something I ALWAYS bank on and was worth the trek to the mall for.  Other than that, the shopping in-store wasn’t that thrilling to say the least.  And it was made more annoying with these things that I absolutely HATE when shopping at the mall during the Boxing Day sales.

5 Things I HATE About Boxing Day Sales

mall escalator

  1. Smelly people and smelly breaths – At the top of my list are people who don’t bother with ANY sort of hygiene when shopping.  Seriously, were you that eager to leave home and hit the mall that you either FORGOT to shower or if you don’t shower in the morning, then at least BOTHER to put on some perfume or cologne?  Argh!  NOT a good thing when you’re in close quarters with other people who NEED to breathe!  Same goes with people who have bad breath.  Hello, get some mints for goodness sake!
  2. Parents with prams who have TOTAL DISREGARD for others – See, I used to have to travel around with a pram, in fact, a pram AND a Baby Bjorn strapped onto me, WITH ALL THREE KIDS!  But, here’s the thing.  I DO NOT act like I own the darn space!  I try my best to give way to others and DO NOT go head-on with oncoming shoppers.  Seriously?  It’s called being courteous.  Having a pram DOES NOT mean you are entitled to act like an a$$hole.  Miss 12 and I were nearly run over by a man with a pram who didn’t bother to say excuse me while we were headed towards his direction.  He simply walked towards us and expected us to move when in fact we were headed where he was coming from first.
  3. Whinging idiots at return counters – I honestly DO NOT understand WHY people NEED to return their Christmas purchases or gifts right the next day after Christmas.  Can’t they just return it some other day?  Not like you’re NOT going to get the refund or exchange if you waited say… A WEEK LATER!  I mean, it’s ok to return on Boxing Day but DON’T complain that there’s only ONE staff at the counter FFS!  Sorry for the colourful language but that just irks me.  I was standing in a (SHORT) line to return something because I happened to be there and the kids were busy looking for things.  I was fine with waiting in line but the lady behind me was WHINGING over and over again to her husband over how inefficient it was for KMart to have only ONE person at their returns counter on Boxing Day.  I almost turned around to tell her that, “Hello, you COULD return your sh*t another day you know?!”  It’s Boxing Day and not everyone wants to work on a holiday.  AND annoying hearing her go on and on and on….!
  4. People who park their “essence” in a queue while they browse – If you’re wondering what I mean by “essence” that’s me being sarcastic.  You know, people who expect us to know that the place they were queuing up in is still theirs even when they walk away to browse.  I had a lady who was queuing up in front of me at Lush.  The queue was pretty long already to begin with but I was happy to queue because that’s just how the cookie crumbles.  She was in front of us but left the queue to browse at another shelf for quite some time.  A few minutes later, as we got closer to the checkout, she came back and plonked herself in front of us AGAIN!  Miss 12 was cursing under her breath.  I so wanted to pull her hair and act all gangster, but of course refrained from doing so because… Well, let’s not even go there shall we?
  5. People who stop in the middle of nowhere – Don’t you love it when you’re walking in a VERY crowded space only to have the person/s in front of you STOP abruptly, in the middle… TO LOOK AROUND!  It’s simple really, if you want to stop and look, MOVE TO THE SIDE!

So, will I be heading out to the mall next Boxing Day?  I don’t know, but I highly doubt it as I can shop from home now.  In fact I bought some sports bras from Berlei online with their one day 40% off sale, once I got home!  Free delivery too!

Did you brave the mall for the crazy Boxing Day sales this year?  What did you end up buying that you thought was well worth the hassle?





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  • Tine says:

    Ding ding ding! And that’s why I’ve stopped going to Boxing Day sales. Never mind that the sales are absolutely rubbish; the people make you want to lose faith in humanity. #4 shits me particularly. If it’s not a busy day like Boxing Day, I’ll let the person park that “essence” but Boxing Day? NO SIREE. You leave the queue, you’re out. And I know I will have people backing me up on this who have queued up for so long just like me. It’s not just evil looks any more; we will rip you a new one if you so much as park your bloody essence.

    Boxing day sales are rubbish in Australia. They’re nowhere near Boxing day sales in the US and UK, particularly the UK. I’ve actually queued up in front of stores very early in the morning because the sales were that good. My first set of makeup brushes were purchased from The Body Shop on their Boxing Day sales. Each brush was just one pound. ONE POUND! With the currency exchange then, it would be equivalent of AU$2 each. High quality brushes too. Now THAT is what I call a good sale. Over here, retailers make it such a big deal when things are 20% off. Puh-lease.

    • Norlin says:

      I wished I could have said something but I was too much of a chicken sh*t! Good thing there were two cashiers and I ended up being quicker than she did. She held up the queue by asking the girl so many questions that could’ve been saved for during the NON-SALE period seeing that the stuff she was asking about were not on sale anyway.

  • Melissa says:

    We ended up going to The Glen rather than Chadstone this year, there was hardly anyone there and we got some great bargains. I’ve found that most of the sales end up lasting through January, so there isn’t the urgency to attend the big sales that there used to be.

    I agree with all of the above.

    • Norlin says:

      I blame Mr. C for going to Chaddy as he so wanted to check out if he could get anything in Zara – which he didn’t of course! The thing I would brave the crowds for though is the Myer homewares sale that they have 40% off only on Boxing Day, which we often get good bargains. Maybe next time I’ll head out to The Glen.

  • Geez. This is EXACTLY why I don’t bother.

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