Beauty Beat: Skincare Tips While Travelling

Beauty Beat: Skincare Tips While Travelling

For most of us, the holiday bug might have already started biting… If not then I’m sure most of you out there already have plans for some traveling over the holidays.  I know I’ll be busy painting my house so that we can move in ASAP!

One of the things that often bothers me while I’m travelling is my skin while I’m flying.  The change of atmosphere during long haul flights, or even when you touch down to a place with a totally different climate!  And I’m not just talking about overseas travel, even in Australia we have such different weather conditions in different states it can be hard to keep up sometimes.  More often than not I keep to my regular skincare routine while on-board.  I make sure my skin is always hydrated, I avoid wearing makeup, and I make sure I don’t touch the skin on my face unless absolutely necessary and even then, making sure my hands are clean and sanitary.  These are just some of the basics I adhere to.

This week, I have the pleasure of having Margaret Lai, a flight purser at Cathay Pacific who has been flying for 7 years, to share with us some of her beauty and skincare tips while flying.  I mean, what better way to get some tips than from someone who is always jet setting around the world right?

Skincare Tips While Travelling

  • Be Mindful Of What You Eat & Drink
    Tempted to drink from the inflight wine menu or snack on salty chips? Both options can dehydrate the body and skin, so try to avoid completely. Bring your own healthy snacks on the plane so that you can curb any cravings without making your skin pay for it.
  • Dial Up On H20
    Don’t just drink water diligently while you’re on the plane. Hydrate pre, during and post flight. H20 is the best drink for your skin and so if possible, make it your only choice and say no to alcohol or caffeine.
  • Bring Moisture Boosters
    On top of drinking water to hydrate from within, pack a rich moisturiser or sheet mask in your carry on so that you can replenish moisture back into your skin. If you have really dry skin, follow with a serum or rosehip oil before applying moisturiser.

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  • Ditch The Makeup
    Avoid flying with makeup on and instead, go bare to allow your skin to breathe. It also makes it easier for you to continuously apply moisturiser throughout the flight.
  • Don’t Forget Your SPF
    Being on a plane doesn’t make you less prone to the harmful effects of UV rays, especially if you’ve picked a window seat. Pack a travel size sunscreen and apply it pre and during the flight to ensure your skin is protected.
  • Sleep It Off
    No amount of makeup or skincare can replace what your skin truly needs – sleep. Eye masks, ear plugs and a soothing lavender spray can help those that are light sleepers. Opt for silk eye masks to decrease the crinkles you get from sleeping.

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  • Time Your Beauty Prep Strategically
    Before you doze off into your beauty sleep, slather on a rich hand cream and slip on cotton gloves, to soak in the intense moisture. Wake up to ridiculously smooth hands. When you’re 1 hour away from landing, use blotting paper to blot any excess oil from your face and makeup wipes to freshen up. Finally, apply makeup 30 minutes before you land so it’s nice and fresh.

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Have you got any travel plans these holidays?  Where are you going to?  Have you got any other skincare and beauty travel tips?

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